Council Meeting agendas and minutes

Council Meeting agendas and minutes
We must conduct our business and decision-making in formal Council and committee meetings, open to the public. Council Meetings Agendas Minutes Reports canterbury bankstown We must conduct our business and decision-making in formal Council and committee meetings, open to the public.  

In accordance with the Public Health (COVID-19 General) Order 2021 members of the public can now attend Council meetings in person. Those attending meetings must adhere to strict social distancing requirements (one person per two square metres) as well as additional COVID safe requirements. This means that a maximum of 20 people will be allowed to attend the Council Chamber for each meeting.

Members of the public requesting to attend a Council meeting must register by clicking on the link here and entering your details.

A webcast of the meeting will be uploaded to Council’s website on Wednesday.

We thank you for your support and understanding as Council focuses its efforts in keeping our community, Councillors and staff safe.

Canterbury Bankstown Local Planning Panel (CBLPP) Meetings
Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, meetings of the CBLPP will continue to be held remotely until further notice. Therefore, the public gallery for meetings will remain closed.
Further information on how to observe or participate in Panel meetings, please contact Council’s Customer Service Centre on 02 9707 9000 or email

​​Under the Local Government Act 1993 (The Act), Council is charged with the administration of our Local Government Area (LGA). Accordingly, Council must conduct its business and decision-making in formal Council and committee meetings. 

As a general legislative requirement, all Council meetings must be open to the public. However, recognising the need for confidentiality in specified circumstances, Council can exclude the public and the press, provided the legislative requirements are met. 

The Act determines issues such as the minimum number of Council meetings that must be held during the year, what constitutes a quorum, when notices of meetings must be given, the roles of various participants, that is, the Mayor, Councillors and the General Manager, along with restrictions and requirements that might impact on each of the roles. 

Council has adopted a Code of Meeting Practice that complies with the Local Government (Meetings) Regulations 2005. This code contains the rules and regulations on how Council meetings should be conducted and details issues and procedures for matters such as motions, amendments and the general conduct of speeches. 

Code of Me​eting Practice

All Council meetings commence at 6pm sharp and close by 10.30pm, with only one extension to 11pm permitted, if so resolved by Council. Any unfinished business will be referred to the next available Ordinary Meeting. The minutes of any Council meeting are considered to be draft until they are confirmed at a subsequent meeting.​

Shuttle bus service

Council operates a free shuttle bus service for residents to attend Council's Ordinary Meeting. This service departs from the rear carpark of the Campsie Administration Centre at 5.00pm and will return registered residents to Campsie Administration Centre at the conclusion of the meeting.Read additional information about the free shuttle bus service..

​Council Meetings Schedule

View the 2022 Ordinary Meeting Schedule

​Featured Council Meetings

Access business papers, minutes, video and/or audio of the featured Council meetings by clicking on the links below.


Recordings of Council meetings are published on this website once the minutes of the meeting are finalised. Council does not accept liability for any unlawful statements made or actions taken by individuals during a meeting that are captured by the recordings.

Video images and audio contained in the recordings are subject to copyright by Council and must not be altered, reproduced or republished without Council’s written consent.

Meeting D​ate​






​06/12/2021​​CBLPP PDF (5.03mb)
​23/11/2021​Ordinary MeetingPDF (832kb) PDF (237kb) ​VIDEO
​01/11/2021​CBLPPPDF (1.3mb)PDF (145KB)
​26/10/2021​​Ordinary MeetingPDF (3.1mb)PDF (230kb) ​VIDEO​Bankstown
​11/10/2021​CBLPPPDF (4.1mb)PDF (175kb)
​28/09/2021​Extraordinary meetingPDF (440kb)PDF (505kb)VIDEO
​28/09/2021​Ordinary Meeting ​PDF (1.6mb)PDF (643kb)VIDEO
​13/09/2021​CBLPPPDF (3.2mb) ​PDF (164kb)




PDF (2mb)
​PDF (138kb)

​25/08/2021CBLPP Electronic Determination​From 12 April 2021PDF (133kb)​Bankstown
​24/08/2021​​Ordinary MeetingPDF (4mb)PDF (237kb) ​VIDEO
​02/08/2021​CBLPPPDF (5.5mb)PDF (187kb) ​AUDIO​Bankstown
​27/07/2021Ordinary Meeting​PDF (1.8mb) PDF (238kb)VIDEO
​12/07/2021​CBLPPPDF (3.1 mb)PDF (159kb)​Bankstown
​07/07/2021​CBLPPPDF (2.5mb)PDF (126kb)​Bankstown
​22/06/2021​Ordinary MeetingPDF (1.8mb)PDF (250kb) ​VIDEO
​07/06/2021​CBLPP ​PDF (1.4mb)​PDF (200kb)

​25/05/2021Ordinary Council​ ​PDF (1.8mb)PDF (226kb) ​VIDEO
​17/05/2021CBLPP Electronic DeterminationPDF (119kb)
​CBLPPPDF (3.81mb)PDF (117kb)

​Ordinary Council​
PDF (1.23mb)
​​PDF (226kb)
​CBLPPPDF (2.18mb)PDF (204kb)     ​Bankstown
​Ordinary Council​
PDF (1.63mb)
​​PDF (277kb)
​01/03/2021​CBLPPPDF (7.98mb)PDF (295kb)​Bankstown
​​23/02/2021​Ordinary CouncilPDF (1.69mb)PDF (218kb) VIDEO​Bankstown
​04/02/2021​Extraordinary meetingPDF (723kb)PDF (567kb)VIDEOBankstown



PDF (2.00mb)

 PDF (154kb)


​CBLPP Electronic Determination

​From 2 November 2020

PDF (173kb) 



Business papers and minutes for the City of Canterbury Bankstown

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Business papers and minutes for the former Bankstown Council & Canterbury Council

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