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Studioventure is a photo, video and podcast studio available for businesses and organisations to hire with end-to-end production services

Studioventure’s aim is to empower local businesses from the City of Canterbury Bankstown and beyond with high-quality marketing content using our brand new content production studio. Whether you’re looking to produce professional videography, photography or podcasting content, Studioventure can help your business. 
Located adjacent to the BLaKC Café (next to the Bryan Brown Theatre), Studioventure features:
  • A green cyclorama (a wall with curved edges giving the illusion of infinite space) which allows you to customise your background for your professional photo or video project.
  • A white cyclorama for your professionally lit photography projects,
  • A soundproof podcast Studio, for all your content production needs.
  • An editing suite
  • Dressing room
We can provide the following services:
  • Photo editing
  • Videography
  • Video editing
  • Podcasting
  • Audio editing
  • Video livestreaming
Clients can produce content such as: business introduction videos on a background of their choice, professional staff profile photos on the white background, podcasts on trending topics, interviews with staff, testimonials from clients, product videos and product photography.
Studioventure's fees and charges range depending on the business and are as follows:
Canterbury-Bankstown local businesses (inside the City of Canterbury Bankstown)*
$65 per hour plus any additional costs on a cost recovery basis
Businesses outside the City of Canterbury Bankstown
$100 per hour plus any additional costs on a cost recovery basis
$40 per hour plus any additional costs on a cost recovery basis
* Any business less than 24 months old, which started in the City of Canterbury Bankstown are eligible for a voucher for 5 hours of free access to Studioventure. Any additional hours will be charged at the Canterbury-Bankstown Local Businesses rate.