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Measuring performance and reporting

Council uses a number of methods to ensure that we are 'on-track' with community expectations.

Measuring our performance allows Council to evaluate, learn and improve. Council uses a number of methods to ensure that we are 'on-track' with community expectations. Regular reporting also provides for the monitoring of Council's delivery of services and programs in line with agreed priorities.

Want to know what’s going on in the City, the different projects happening and where it all fits? 

Resourcing Strategy

The Resourcing Strategy outlines how the City of Canterbury Bankstown will deliver the Community Strategic Plan, CBCity 2028. To reach our vision of a thriving, dynamic and real City, requires the availability of sufficient resources. Resources such as equipment, infrastructure, people, money and time. The Strategy aligns Council's resource allocation to not only support its strategic direction, but to guide and inform Council's decision making going forward. This requires the Resourcing Strategy to include Asset management planning, Long-term financial planning, Workforce management planning.

Reporting on Integrated Plans

Integrated planning and reporting gives local government a framework for establishing local priorities and to link this information to operational functions. Council reports regularly on the progress of its integrated plans and conducts a major review of the documents after each local government election. 

To learn more about the types of reports Council does, click through the below:

The End of Term Report reflects on the progress in implementing the Community Strategic Plan (CBCity 2028) to reach our vision of a Thriving, Dynamic and Real Canterbury Bankstown over the Council term.​

Regular reports to Council on the progress of the Four-year Delivery Program and 1-year Operational Plan.

City-wide resident surveys gauge community perceptions of the importance and performance of the services which Council provides. Our latest survey results reveal that the community is diverse, passionate and positive about the future. Residents value and appreciate the area's multiculturalism, convenient location, local amenities, open space and proximity to waterways.

Reported to the public quarterly, financial reports provide information on the performance of the budget, and ensures that Council has the financial resources to meet commitments now and in the future.

An Annual Report to the Community on the council's implementation of the Delivery Program and Operational Plan as well as some information that is prescribed by the Local Government (General) Regulation 2005

This information helps the community understand how Council is performing both as a business entity and a community leader. The first Annual Report of the new City of Canterbury Bankstown was published in November 2017.

Quarterly reports

Council reports quarterly to show how we are working towards achieving the priorities outlined in the 1 year Operational Plan and the Four Year Delivery Program.