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Bushcare is a volunteer program that encourages residents to get involved in looking after our natural environment. Bushcare Bushcare is a volunteer program that encourages residents to get involved in looking after our natural environment. What's On; Tree Preservation
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Our Volunteer Bushcare COVIDSafe Plan provides an overview of the safety measures we are applying to ensure the safety of our people and our community participating in our Volunteer Bushcare Program. The plan requires all participants to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

Volunteer Bushcare COVIDsafe Plan

Canterbury-Bankstown's natural environment is rich, diverse and unique, providing a valuable resource for local residents and visitors alike. Our natural environment is important for stabilising soil, improving water quality and providing valuable habitats for our native wildlife. In addition, natural areas are also important for their beauty, and the educational and recreational opportunities they provide.

Bushcare is a volunteer program that encourages residents to get involved - as a community based program, it's a great way to meet other residents while doing something worthwhile for the environment.

Together with the work carried out by us and contracted bush regenerators; Bushcare volunteers are making a significant contribution to the conservation and management of our valuable bushland.

Become a bushcare volunteer

Are you passionate about the local environment? Are you ready to roll up your sleeves to make a difference in the community? Then why not join other volunteers lending a hand! Volunteers are currently needed to help remove trees and weeds, plant native vegetation and maintain the wetland in various areas. The more people who help, the more work we can get done – and that will ensure our local environment thrives!

Volunteering in Bushcare can assist with a range of career opportunities through: ​ 

  • Networking;
  • Learning opportunities;
  • On-ground experience;
  • Learning skills in native plant identification, weed control techniques, conservation & bushland management; and 
  • Applying knowledge in the field by being involved in assessing and planning future works. 

Bushcare sites


Day of the Month


Meeting Place​

Irene Jones Bushland

1st Thursday


Padstow Park
Banks Street, Padstow
Meet in the car park

​Roma Reserve​1st Saturday​9.30am–12.30pm​Roma Reserve
Playford Road, Padstow Heights
Meet at the entrance to the reserve

Morgan’s Creek

1st Saturday


Morgan’s Creek Reserve
Prince Street, Picnic Point
Meet in Prince Street near the corner of River Road

The River Reserve

1st Sunday


The River Reserve
Sandakan Road, Revesby Heights
Meet between 123 – 125 Sandakan Road

​Rorie Reserve​1st Sunday​12-2.30pm​Rorie Reserve
29 Alma Street, Padstow
Meet at the entrance to the reserve

Lambeth Reserve

2nd Tuesday

9.30 am–12.30pm

Lambeth Reserve
Henry Lawson Drive, Picnic Point
Meet in the car park

​Wise Reserve​​2nd Friday​9.30–11.30am​Wise Reserve
Bonds Road, Riverwood
Meet at the Bushcare site
Peace Park2nd Sunday9am–12:00pmPeace Park
Trevenar Street, Ashbury
Meet north of the amenities building

Cup & Saucer Creek Wetland

3rd Tuesday

9.30 – 11.30am

Cup & Saucer Creek Wetland
Heynes Reserve
Berna Street, Canterbury
Meet at the viewing platform

​Pat O’Connor Reserve ​​3rd Thursday​​9–11am​​Pat O’Connor Reserve
Anzac Street, Canterbury
Meet at the entrance to the reserve

Lansdowne Park

3rd Friday

9.30 am–12.30pm

Lansdowne Park
Hazel Street, Lansdowne
Meet in Hazel Street near Lucinda Ave

Monash Reserve

4th Tuesday

9.30 am–12.30pm

Monash Reserve
Henry Lawson Drive, East Hills
Meet in the car park

Norfolk Reserve

4th Friday

9.30 am–12.30pm

Norfolk Reserve
Norfolk Road, Greenacre
Meet at the corner of Norfolk Road and Ron Scott Circuit

Curzon Road

4th Saturday

9.30 am–12.30pm

Little Salt Pan Creek Reserve
Curzon Road, Padstow Heights
Meet at the end of Curzon Road

East Hills Park

4th Saturday


East Hills Park
Henry Lawson Drive
Meet under the railway bridge

Carysfield Park4th Sunday9.30am–12.30pmCarysfield Park
Johnston Road, Bass Hill
Meet in the park adjacent to the SES building in Johnston Road

Band Hall Reserve

4th Sunday


Band Hall Reserve
Auburn Road, Birrong
Meet in the car park


For more information, or to get involved, contact Council's Bushcare Officer​ Peter Goss on 9707 9233.

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