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Dementia Alliance  


What is Canterbury Bankstown Dementia Alliance?

Canterbury Bankstown Dementia Alliance is a Council-led initiative to support the development of a dementia-friendly community in Canterbury-Bankstown. 

A dementia-friendly community is one with an understanding and awareness of dementia that is inclusive and welcoming to people living with dementia and their family and carers. This includes a physical and social environment that is accessible and incorporates inclusive signage, lighting and building design.

 What will the Dementia Alliance be doing?

Memory Cafe
The Alliance has been working with various organisations and individuals in our community to host memory cafes. These are set up to provide people a safe space to meet up with others who may have dementia, either early signs or are progressive, or are caring for a loved one with dementia. 
The City of Canterbury -Bankstown currently has three cafes running.  Please see flyers for more information and upcoming events. 

The Allliance ran a series of information sessions during Dementia Awareness Month in September 2021 to raise awareness of dementia. The sessions were delivered online in English, Arabic and Vietnamese.

These information sessions will continue to be held annually and will be announced here – please check back to see upcoming dates.

How can Canterbury Bankstown better support people with dementia?

To help us develop a dementia-friendly community, we want to understand the experiences of living in our city for people with dementia, and their carers. 

For us to be able to do this, we’re seeking your input into a survey. The survey will be done over the phone, or in-person, and will take 30-45 minutes. 

English, Arabic and Vietnamese communities are encouraged to volunteer. 

If you, or someone you know, would like to be a part of our survey, or would like more information please call us on
9707 9000. 

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Tovertafel At Bankstown Library and Knowledge Centre

During our recent Seniors Festival, Bankstown Library and Knowledge Centre introduced the Tovertafel, which translates to “Magic Table”. 

The Tovertafel is a beautiful piece of interactive technology created to provide many moments of happiness to people living with dementia or intellectual disability. It helps connect users with each other and with their surroundings, providing stimulation on three levels – social, cognitive, and physical. It also aims to improve conversation opportunities and self-esteem, while helping users to interact in a positive way with other people and their environment. 

This is an engaging and fun piece of technology for young and old. Groups are encouraged to call 9707 9733 to make a booking to explore the Tovertafel.