Read all about business and residential property rates, as well as how you can conveniently pay for your rates. Rates fees charges residents canterbury bankstown Pay My Rates Pay My Rates online - Find out all of the information you will need regarding rates for business and residential properties, as well as how you can conveniently pay for your rates.  

Your rates

Your rates contribute to the provision of day-​to-day services, maintaining and building new facilities for the community, improving infrastructure and protecting the environment in the C​ity.​

Examples include:

  • Waste collection, recycling and street cleaning;
  • Local road upgrades;
  • Improvements to leisure and recreational facilities;
  • Improvements to library services; and
  • Town centre improvements.

Rates are calculated based on the land value of your property, and not the value of your premises. This value is determined by the NSW Valuer General (see NSW Valuer General Fact Sheets), and is usually reviewed every three years. If you own a strata title property, the land value of the entire site is divided by the unit entitlement (listed on your strata plan) to ascertain the land value for each unit.

Rates are calculated using a rate in the dollar determined and reviewed by Council each year. It is a formula based on land value and usage – business or residential. All land valuations and rates calculations are subject to a minimum amount.

Receiving your Rate and Instalment Notices

You can receive your notices one of two ways:


​You can receive your rates and instalment notices more securely by email. This option will also give you access to PayReq, an easy to use online portal so you can check your notices any time, at your convenience. There is no charge for this service.

To register, click here. Have your rates account number handy as it appears on your rates/instalment notice.

Existing users can login here.

For more information, please contact our Customer Service Centre on 9707 9000.

Register for online notices​​​

By mail​

Your notices will be sent by Council via Australia Post to your nominated mailing address. Please ensure that Council has your correct mailing address.

If you need to change your mailing address, please complete the 'Change of Address' form

By BPayview

View your notices using internet banking. Check with your bank for further details.

When are rates due?​

Rates are levied each year for the period of 1 July to 30 June. You will receive a Rates/Instalment Notice four times a year, unless you pay the whole Rates for the year by the first due date – 31 August​​.​

Rates payments are due on 31 August​, 30 November, 28 February and 31 May.​

Forms and applications

Visit our Rates forms and applications page.

More information

For more information, go to Council's Rates Freque​ntly Asked​ Questions page or call our Customer Service Centre on 9707 90​00.​

The City of Canterbury Bankstown acknowledges the traditional custodians of the land, water and skies of Canterbury-Bankstown, the Darug (Darag, Dharug, Daruk, Dharuk) People. We recognise and respect Darug cultural heritage, beliefs and relationship with the land. We acknowledge the First Peoples’ continuing importance to our CBCity community.