Planning and building forms

Planning and building forms
The forms listed here will assist you in preparing your Development Application (DA). planning building forms development application canterubry bankstown The forms listed here will assist you in preparing your Development Application (DA).  

The forms listed below will assist you in preparing your Development Application (DA):


Planning and Building Application Lodgement Guide

Planning and Building Application Checklist (replaces all checklists)

Development Application

Development Cost Summary Report <$500k

Development Cost Summary Report >$500k

Statement of Environmental Effects Form for change of use applications

Complying Development Certificate Application

Combined Development Application & Construction Certificate Application

Construction Certificate Application

Contract Agreement for the Performance of Certification Work

Notice of Commencement of Building or Subdivision Work & Appointment of Principal Certifying Authority

Occupation Certificate Application

Final/interim – Fire Safety Certificate

Annual/Supplementary Fire Safety Statement

Building Certificate Application

Modify a Development Consent or a Complying Development Certificate Application (Section 87 or 96)

Review of Determination of Development Application (Section 82A Review)

Section 82A Review Information Sheet

Notice to Surrender Development Consent

Request to Withdraw an Application

Subdivision Certificate Application

Subdivision Certificate Information Sheet

Land Title Dealing Endorsement Application

Land Title Dealing Endorsement Information Sheet

Hoarding or Scaffolding Application

Hoarding Permit Information Sheet

Work Permit Application

Work Permit Information Sheet

Apartment Design Guide_Appendix 3 Checklist

Political Donations and Gifts Disclosure Statement

Template Wa​ste Management Plan - Bankstown Branch developments 

Template Waste Management Plan - Canterbury Branch developments