Food scrap trial

Food scrap trial
You and your neighbours can turn food scraps into a useful resource and reduce your environmental footprint. You and your neighbours can turn food scraps into a useful resource and reduce your environmental footprint. Waste and Recycling
Food scrap trial

Scraps to Soil

Expressions of Interest for this trial are now closed. If you have registered for the trial, and have been selected to participate, we will notify you on the details you provided. Thankyou.

 FREE food scrap collection service

Food waste makes up half of the average red bin, which goes to landfill. You and your neighbours can turn food scraps into a useful resource and reduce your environmental footprint. By separating your food scraps, you will be improving our local environment and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The City of Canterbury Bankstown is trialling a dedicated food scrap collection service for apartments. Food scraps will be collected and turned into nutrient rich compost.  We are seeking Expressions of Interest from a limited number of apartment blocks to participate in the trial.

Food scraps include: vegetable and fruit peelings, bread, meat and bones.

Items that are not accepted: garden trimmings, pet waste, nappies, food packaging.

What you will receive during the trial

If your apartment block is selected, participating households will receive:

  • Exclusive access to a locked 240-litre communal bin (the same size as a standard yellow lid recycling bin) for food scraps only.
  • A 7-litre food caddy (per participating household) and compostable caddy liners to collect food scraps in.
  • Educational resources. For example, bin signage and FAQs to share with your apartment block.
  • Weekly collection of food scrap bin.

Eligibility criteria

The trial is open to residents of the City of Canterbury Bankstown who live in:

  • Apartments
  • Units or
  • Flats

A minimum of 2 households (i.e. 2 apartments or units) in the same block must register their interest before their application is considered. Applications with a greater number of interested households may be prioritised for selection. 

If you are selected to participate in the trial, you can still recruit more neighbours in your block. A maximum of 10 households (i.e. 10 apartments or units) can share one 240-litre food scrap bin. If there are more than 10 households in your apartment block that would like to participate, a second food scrap bin may be provided. 

Please note, only a limited number of apartment blocks will be selected for the trial. Registering your interest does not guarantee selection. EOI applications must be submitted by 15 February 2021.

Applications will be assessed on the stated criteria and number of interested households.

Participants must agree to share information, experiences and learnings with Council.

This is a limited time trial running for a maximum of six months. At the conclusion of the trial you and your participating neighbours can choose to continue the service, however you must share the cost of the collection service or return the bin. You get to keep the food caddy for all your efforts.

What you need to do before you apply for the food scrap trial

  • Ensure you have permission from the Body Corporate in an email or signed letter from your strata manager. Send this to You can use the letter template for owner occupiers here.
  • If you are a renter, your real estate agent may need to contact strata or the Body Corporate on your behalf. You can use the letter template for renters here to request the strata manager’s contact details from your landlord or real estate agent. You can use the letter template for renters here to request permission from the Body Corporate.
  • Check there is space to store an extra bin. You will need 1m2 for a 240-litre food scrap bin. If you don’t have room in your bin bay, other areas may be considered.
  • Recruit at least one other neighbour to participate in the food scrap trial with you. A minimum of two households from your apartment block is needed.
  • Register your apartment block for the food scrap collection service.



What if I can’t find another member of my block to join me?
The program requires a minimum of two households before an apartment block is considered to join the trial. If you are having trouble recruiting your neighbours, please contact Ivon, Resource Recovery Officer on 9707 9000 or email and we may be able to assist recruitment for your apartment block.

Who will ensure the food scrap bin is accessible for weekly collection?
If your apartment block is selected for the trial, you will need to notify the building caretaker about the extra bin on site. By registering your interest for the trial, you and the participating households will need to ensure the bin is accessible each week to be collected by ORG (Organic Recycling Group) and returned to the bin storage area.

What can I do to maintain cleanliness of the food scrap bin?
The bin can be hosed out occasionally to minimise smells and food scraps sticking to the bin. Participating households will be provided with compostable bin liners to help contain their food scraps. Food scraps can also be frozen until collection day to avoid smells or unwanted creatures.

What can I do if other people in my apartment block object to the bin?
It is best to communicate with your neighbours early on that you would like to take the opportunity to register for a free waste service for your apartment block, ideally before registering for the trial. By letting your neighbours know, they may even want to join in and help make a positive impact through recycling their food scrap. Little changes can make a big difference!

Will this change our regular bins?
No, this trial is in addition to your regular bin services. They will continue to be collected as usual throughout the trial. Those who do not wish to participate can continue using the existing bins as usual.

What if I can’t get any neighbours to participate or if the body corporate say no?
You can still recycle your food scraps by joining ShareWaste for free. ShareWaste is a free platform that connects people who want to recycle their kitchen food scraps within their neighbourhood. You collect your food scraps, connect with a nearby Host in your area and drop them off to help them create more compost or feed their chickens while reducing your carbon footprint. You can also contact your nearest community garden to see if they will accept any food scraps for composting. 

The City of Canterbury Bankstown acknowledges the traditional custodians of the land, water and skies of Canterbury-Bankstown, the Darug (Darag, Dharug, Daruk, Dharuk) People. We recognise and respect Darug cultural heritage, beliefs and relationship with the land. We acknowledge the First Peoples’ continuing importance to our CBCity community.