Disposal of electronic waste

Disposal of electronic waste
Residents can recycle old, broken or unwanted TVs and computers free at participating locations year-round. Disposal of Electronic Waste Our residents have the opportunity to recycle old, broken or unwanted TVs and computers free at participating locations year-round.  
Electronic Waste

E-waste includes the following:

Desktop PCs/servers/laptops;
iPod, iPad and any generic tablet;
Monitors (all types);
Hard drives;
Keyboards and computer mice;
Computer power supplies/UPS;
Network devices and CD/DVD drives;
Computer peripherals/laptop batteries;
Circuit boards/cards;
Cables and all IT accessories, fibre optic cables;
Media speakers;
Printed circuit boards;
Printers, scanners, copiers and multifunction devices;
Mobile phones;
Desk phones and communication devices;
Cables, floppy disks, CDs and DVD media;
Televisions Plasma and LCD and CRT
Video players/DVD players;
Hi-Fi and stereo equipment;
Digital and cameras;
Portable devices including GPS and PDA units;
Small electronics;
Electrical toys and gaming consoles;
Electric jugs and fry pans;
Bread makers;
Mixers, toasters and juicers;
Clock radios, digital scales and hair dryers;
Microwaves, vacuum cleaners and electric tools; and
TV antennas.

E-waste does not include:

White goods, such as fridges, washing machines, dryers;
Loose pictures tube, broken glass, CRT televisions and monitors;
Smoke Detectors, CFL light tubes, bulk disposable single use alkaline batteries;
X-ray machines, video tapes in bulk volumes;
Hazardous waste; and
Products contaminated or suspec​ted of being contaminated with chemicals, biological agents, or other substances not associated with normal household environments.​

Other e-waste drop off points

To find your nearest drop-off zone, visit recyclingnearyou.com.au.​


For more information, contact our Resource Recovery Team on 9707 9000.