Beat plastic pollution

Beat plastic pollution 4/06/2018
Photo of recycleable material
We can all use less plastic and put litter in the bin. Beat plastic pollution We can all use less plastic and put litter in the bin. Waste and Recycling; Rubbish
Photo of recycleable material

There’s no denying plastic makes life easier in many ways, but at what cost to our environment?
The NSW Government, as part of their commitment to phasing-out unnecessary single-use plastics by 2025, has now banned the sale, distribution and use of lightweight plastics bags for businesses, organisations and groups (charitable, sporting, education and community etc.) under the Plastics and Circular Economy Act 2021. More single-use plastics will be phased-out from 1 November 2022. Find out more here.

What can you do?

With just a little planning, it's easy to choose reusable options and refuse single-use plastics. In six simple ways, we can help beat plastic pollution:
  1. Bring reusable bags when you go shopping (including netted/mesh bags for you fresh produce);
  2. Bring a reusable mug to the cafe or take a few minutes to drink your coffee in-store;
  3. Say no to plastic cutlery and straws;
  4. Bring your own reusable drink bottle and lunch box;
  5. Choose products with less plastic packaging; and
  6. Celebrate using reusable food ware and decorations.

What is Council doing?

In June 2022, Council’s Plastics Action Plan 2022-2025 and Single-Use Plastics Policy were endorsed as part of our commitment to phasing-out unnecessary single-use plastics from our operations and events by 2025.
Some of the actions already undertaken include:
  • The BLaKC cafe in Bankstown rewards customers with a discount when they bring their own mug. They have also taken steps to reduce plastic waste with limiting straws and other packaging materials and switching to biodegradable materials;
  • Sourcing biodegradable containers and bamboo cutlery for food samples from the main stage at the Bankstown Bites food festival and promoting the use of water bottle re-fill stations at the event; and 
  • Beginning the process of replacing single-use plastic cups and bottles with reusable bottles, cups and other items at internal events and meetings.
The City of Canterbury Bankstown acknowledges the traditional custodians of the land, water and skies of Canterbury-Bankstown, the Darug (Darag, Dharug, Daruk, Dharuk) People. We recognise and respect Darug cultural heritage, beliefs and relationship with the land. We acknowledge the First Peoples’ continuing importance to our CBCity community.