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Frequently asked questions
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Frequently asked questions Below is a list of FAQs to help make the changes easier for you (and for us)… Waste and Recycling; Resident
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From 1 March, waste services are changing. We’re streamlining to a single service across CBCity to provide greater efficiency and reliability.

Below is a list of FAQs to help make the change easier for you:

About the changes:

About your bins:

About the Bulky Waste Clean Up service:

For more information:


About the Changes

What changes are happening to our waste services?

Over the coming months there will be changes to many of the waste services we provide.

The changes include:

  • New bin collection day and time for most households, for example your bin day may change from Monday to Wednesday;
  • New fortnightly yellow and green bin cycle for many households;
  • New bin collection day and time for some businesses in the former City of Canterbury area;
  • Updated parking restrictions in some streets (to align with new bin days);
  • A new process for booking a Bulky Waste Clean-Up for residents in apartment blocks of six or more units;
  • An increase in the size of bulky waste collections for households in the former Bankstown area (which means everyone will have the same service). 

Why are these changes happening?

These changes are the final stage in the alignment of waste and recycling services following the amalgamation of the former Canterbury and Bankstown councils.  These services are being aligned to provide greater efficiency, reliability, accountability and customer service. We are investing in new technology, streamlining services, and encouraging everyone to do their part to create a wasteless generation.

The new aligned services will begin 1 March 2021.

About your bins

 Can I put all three bins out for collection in the week of 22-26 February?

Yes! On your normal bin day in the week of 22-26 February you can put all three bins out and we’ll empty them.  It’s our way of giving you a bit more bin space so you’re prepared for any collection day changes in the following weeks.

Is my red bin day changing?

Starting from the week of 1-5 March bin days will change for most, but not all, households across the City.

The new bin days are based on the five Council wards. See the Map and Table below for a quick view of the new bin days. Remember some suburbs are split by a main road. These areas may have two different collection days.

For specific information about your service, visit our ‘Bin Day Finder’ webpage.  Just enter your address into the search box to find your new red bin day and see whether or not your yellow/green bin cycle will be changing.   


Is my fortnightly yellow and green bin cycle changing?

Your yellow and green bins will still be collected fortnightly, and on the same weekday as your red bin.

However, the fortnightly cycle in which they are collected in may change. If you live in a house or apartment block and have a green bin visit the Bin Day Finder before the week of the 1-6 March - the first week of the new cycle – to find out which of your yellow or green bin goes out with the red.   

Keep an eye out for more information about these changes including media and social media as well as an information brochure and bin sticker that will arrive in February.   

Is it possible my bin day isn’t changing?

Yes, it’s possible your bin day will stay the same. Even if your week day is the same, you’ll need to check if your fortnightly yellow and green bin day cycle is also the same. Visit the Bin Day Finder before the week of the 1-6 March to find out.

Will my bins be collected at the same time as it is now?

With new routes, trucks and drivers, collection times will change for many households. They may be earlier, or they may be later.

Make sure you put your bins out the night before, so we don’t miss them and remember they may be collected later than normal.

Will parking restrictions change?

The changes to bin collection days may impact on existing parking restrictions in your street. Changes to the new bin day and timing of parking restrictions will allow waste trucks to continue to safely access your bins.

What should I do if someone usually helps me with my bins?

If someone helps you with your bins, make sure you let them know a change is coming. Share this webpage with them or ask them to check the Bin Day Finder or call our Customer Service on 9707 9000.

What if I forget to put my bin out on the new day?

Get ready for the change by; checking the Bin Day Finder; putting all three bins out to be emptied in the week of the 22-26 February; setting a reminder in your phone; sticking the Waste Calendar on the fridge; or, watching what your neighbours are doing. 

If you do forget to put out your bin, you’ll need to safely and tidily store your waste until the next collection.  If you know your neighbours, you could ask for permission to put some items in their bin.

What are the changes to the Bulky Waste Clean Up service?

What are the changes to the Bulky Waste Clean Up service?

From the first week in 1-6 March there will be several changes to the Bulky Waste Clean-Up service. These changes are designed to: provide an equitable service to residents across the whole City; reduce waiting times; make bookings easier; improve customer service; and increase the environmental benefit of the program (e.g. separating fridges and air-conditioners so they can be safely degassed and having mattresses picked up by a dedicated recycler).

The other two key changes are:

  • All households will be able to put out three square metres (3m2) of waste for each collection. That is a pile one metre high and three metres wide and is a one-meter square increase for many households.
  • Requiring bookings from apartment blocks with six (6) or more units to be made by a caretaker, building manager or the strata on behalf of the whole building. Individual residents will need to contact their building manager to make a booking.  

How do I make a booking for a Bulky Waste Clean Up? 

If you live in a house, townhouse, duplex or an apartment building with five (5) or fewer units you can make two (2) bookings each calendar year.  You can call Customer Service during business hours on 9707 9000 or visit at a time that suits you. 

If you live in an apartment building with six (6) or more units, you’ll need to get in contact with your building’s caretaker, building manager or the strata who will make a booking on behalf of the whole building. They will coordinate the collection date, let you know where to put your items and follow up on any issues. 

To spread out the volume of waste coming out of apartment blocks and taking up space on streets and in carparks, buildings with 6-50 units are eligible for four (4) collections each year and buildings with more than 51 units are eligible for up to six (6) collections.  

For more information  

How is Council telling people about the changes?

Council is undertaking a large-scale communication campaign aimed at ensuring all residents are aware of these changes. 

We are sending letters and information fliers to every household in the City as well as to strata's, body corporates and affected businesses We’ll be putting stickers on bins and advertising in the media, social media and on posters in town centres and we’ll have information available on our website and through Customer Service.

Where can I find out more?

For more information:

Share updates with your friends, family and neighbours so they know changes are coming too.