MIISC Dodgeball Competition

MIISC Dodgeball Competition
MIISC Dodgeball Competition - COMING SOON! Dodgeball Competition, Dodgeball Sydney, MIISC MIISC Dodgeball Competition - COMING SOON!  

MIISC Dodgeball Competitions, in partnership with Dodgeball Sydney 

  • Join our 12 week mixed league on Wednesday nights at MIISC
  • All skill levels welcome
  • This is an opportunity for anyone to give Dodgeball a go, learn the rules, meet new people and find yourself a team

Open days: Come and try dodgeball 7-10pm, Wednesday 18 and 25 October 
Competition dates: 1 November - 7 February (12-week competition) 
Times: 7-10pm. 40-minute games 
Cost: $1200 per team, 12 week competition 

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Fun facts about dodgeball! 

  • Dodgeball has a low barrier to entry for anyone and is a great work out as it is fun but also a great cardio workout while also strengthening your abdominal, leg and back muscles.

  • Dodgeball is enjoyed around the world by over 80+ Countries with a combined total of 65+ million players.

  • Australia is ranked in the top 3 of countries at Dodgeball competitively.

  • Dodgeball is still a growing sport with a resurgence over the last few years due to how it is not impacted by weather as it is played indoors. The perfect game to join this winter!