Bin Tag Rewards Program

Bin Tag Rewards Program
Photo of the Bin Tag Reward Program
Find out how Council’s Recycling Bin Tag Reward Program can make Canterbury-Bankstown residents $50 richer. Bin Tag Rewards Program Putting glass jars, cardboard boxes and aluminium cans in the yellow-lid recycling bin could make City of Canterbury Bankstown residents $50 richer thanks to Council’s new Recycling Bin Tag Reward Program.  
Photo of the Bin Tag Reward Program


​Recycling Bin Tag Rewards Program​

If you’re a resident living in the Canterbury Ward (Clemton Park, Earlwood, Hurlstone Park, Campsie, Belfield, Croydon Park, Ashbury, Canterbury) and Roselands Ward (Lakemba, Wiley Park, Belmore, Roselands, Beverly Hills, Kingsgrove, Riverwood and Narwee), you have the opportunity to be rewarded for Recycling Right*.
Dedicated Waste Officers conduct visual inspections on randomly selected recycling bins on a daily basis.  If you and your household have placed the correct items in the yellow lidded recycling bin when inspected, you will receive a green bin tag and will be eligible to go into a draw to win a $50 shopping voucher. There is a draw each month. 
If your bin is found to contain non-recyclable items such as plastic bags, nappies or food scraps, you will receive an orange or red bin tag, and be directed to remove the incorrect items.
The following items can be recycled in your yellow-lidded bin:
Photo of what goes into the Yellow bin


For further information on the program or what items can be recycled, please call Council's Resource Recovery Team through 9707 9000. ​

* Sorry to residents of other Wards, this program is part of an agreement with former Canterbury Council, but we hope you Recycle Right too!