Litter Prevention

Litter Prevention
Photo of two Rubbish Bins
Council spends considerable time picking up litter and is working proactively to prevent the act of littering. Litter Prevention Council spends considerable time picking up litter and is working proactively to prevent the act of littering. Waste and Recycling; Rubbish
Photo of two Rubbish Bins


Our customers tell us that having clean and litter free streets is a high priority. Council spends considerable time picking up litter and is working proactively to prevent the act of littering. Our programs prioritise community engagement and education and we work with our communities to ensure the City of Canterbury Bankstown is clean and litter free.

Council works with the community on a range of litter prevention and clean up programs including:

  • We Like Our Park Litter Free
    Since 2013, Council officers have visited a number of local parks and reserves throughout summer, encouraging picnickers to make pledges to put their rubbish in the bin.  We have also installed 78 new litter and 12 Hot Coal Bins since then. Over that time Council has seen a visible reduction in litter by 90 per cent.
    Litter Prevention Program - We Like our Park Litter Free - Case Study - 2013 to 2018​

  • Tackling Takeaway Litter
    Council received funding in 2017 from the NSW Environmental Protection Authority to reduce littering from vehicles. The funding went towards targeting local streets and car parks where vehicles would park to consume their takeaway food before littering and driving away. Council increased fines of littering from vehicles by 300 per cent.
    Tackling Takeaway Litter - Case study

  • Bottle Refill Stations
    Save money on bottled water and re-fill at any one of 12 permanent bottle refill stations at parks across the City. Water refill stations provide you with free drinking water and they also reduce the number of single use plastic bottle than can end up a litter in parks and the Georges and Cooks Rivers. Eight more refill stations will be installed in parks during 2018. Click here to find out more about the refill stations.

  • Litter Bin Sensor Program
    To help Council understand how street litter bins are used, how often they get full and whether local businesses are using them incorrectly Council have placed sensors in 60 bins across the area. The real-time information these sensors provide allow Council to better plan bin placement and servicing, which means Council can reduce the amount of litter in town centres. 

  • Cleaner Rivers
    Council has partnered with Sydney Water to reduce floating litter on the Cooks River by installing two litter booms at key locations.  The booms can capture up to 18 cubic meters per week, which is equal to 75 wheelie bins.

    The Georges Riverkeeper removes litter from land surrounding the river and its tributaries, preventing the rubbish from being washed in and transported to our oceans. Last year they prevented 16 tonnes of rubbish from entering the Georges River.

  • We Like Greenacre Litter Free
    Greenacre town centre was three times more littered than other similar town centres. Council's Litter Prevention Program worked with the Greenacre community to build pride in their town centre. The community drove the change assisted by Council with new litter bins installed and interactive engagement on the street. Greenacre has transformed into a clean and vibrant town centre.
    Litter Prevention Program We Like ​Greenacre Litter Free Case Study - 2015 to 2017

  • Campsie Litter Management
    Litter reduction in Campsie town centre was funded through the NSW Environmental Protection Authority Litter Prevention Grant. A focus on building partnerships with local businesses and improving the bin infrastructure were key to achieving litter reduction in excess of 80 per cent. 

  • Cleanest Street Lakemba
    Council are proud supporters of Canterbury City Community Centres The Cleanest Street Lakemba Program. The Program recognise and reward people's efforts to help make Lakemba a cleaner and more sustainable place to live, work and play.

  • 'Glutton' Litter Machine
    The 'Glutton'​​ is a sophisticated litter removal machine that vacuums up litter in hard to reach places. It’s revolutionising how we manage litter in the Campsie and Bankstown town centres. We’re able to remove litter in more areas in a shorter timeframe. Litter impacts us all. You can do your bit to help keep our local town centres clean and green by putting your rubbish in a bin.​

    Photo of person next to two Rubbish Bins

Return and Earn

Return and Earn is a NSW Government program, commencing on Friday 1 December 2017, which provides a 10 cent return on eligible drink containers with the aim of reducing litter and increasing recycling. The scheme will provide opportunities for individuals, local groups and clubs to earn money by collecting and redeeming eligible drink containers. For more information on acceptable containers and local redemption points go to NSW EPA.

To report litter in your street please contact City of Canterbury Bankstown on 9707 9000.