Tree Preservation Order

Tree Preservation Order
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Council is responsible for protecting trees with Tree Preservation Orders. Tree Preservation Order canterbury bankstown ​​​Trees play an important part in maintaining the health of our environment, plus they’re also aesthetically pleasing. We protect and preserve existing trees.​  
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​​​​Council ​​is responsible for protecting trees with Tree Management Orders (TMOs). They are made under the NSW Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979. They prohibit a range of activities relating to their removal or destruction, and you should check before doing anything to a tree as there are fines for non-compliance. ​

Exempt activities

You don't need to ask us for a permit to prune or remove trees in certain circumstances, including​:

  • The removal of dead, dying or hazardous trees that have been certified as such by a qualified horticulturist/arborist; 
  • The control, removal or eradication of a declared noxious weed; 
  • Where trees have been approved for pruning or removal under a current Development Consent issued by Council; and 
  • For the pruning of trees, where these are grown and are clearly identifiable as a hedge unless heritage listed. Removal of hedges requires Council approval.

More information

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