Memorial Trees

Memorial Trees
Memorial Trees Image
Memorial Trees Image

Create a living memorial for your loved one with a tree planting in a public open space.

Commemorate a loved one with a Memorial Tree.

Pay tribute to the memory of a loved one who has upheld the values of the community through our Memorial Tree planting program. A Memorial Tree is a beautiful legacy in a public open space where you can visit, remember and celebrate your loved one.


Memorial Trees FAQ

How can I organise a Memorial Tree? 

You can apply for a Memorial Tree by completing an online application form . We will contact you to discuss your request, including location and planting. 

Note that an application fee does apply, and it is non-refundable. 

Who can a Memorial Tree commemorate? 

The planting of a tree provides a beautiful living memorial of loved ones in public open space. Our Memorial Trees are intended to commemorate those who have upheld the values of the community and of Council. 

What type of tree will be planted and how will it be looked after?

Memorial Trees will be of a species approved by Council but will reflect suitable growing species within the City. 

Memorial Trees will be maintained onsite for a six-month period. 

Can I choose the location for a Memorial Tree? 

You can request a location on your application form for us to consider. Once we receive your Memorial Tree application, we will contact you to discuss your request. 

We allow  tree planting with respect to appropriateness, public open space location and choice of tree species, as well as Council’s Memorials Policy.

We also consider other relevant matters, such as  capital works programs, plans of management, masterplans, avoidance of any damage to the natural environment, maintaining a safe passage for pedestrians and users of the open space, indigenous connection to the site and general community expectations.

When will the Memorial Tree planting take place?

Tree planting will take place when growing conditions are most favourable, but generally will be planned for the cooler months of the year. We will liaise with you regarding planting dates and times. 

Memorial Tree planting on weekends and public holidays will incur a higher charge. 

Can I hold a ceremony for the Memorial Tree planting?

You are welcome to hold a small ceremony after the planting of your Memorial Tree. Our landscape contractor will plant the tree, ensuring this is done safely and in accordance with Work Health and Safety Regulations. 

If you would like a longer ceremony, or to include more people, please discuss with us. 

Can I scatter ashes during the Memorial Tree planting?

Yes, but please consider the location carefully before doing so. When ashes are scattered or placed in parks or a public place, access to the area may be restricted in the future. For example, undeveloped land at the time may be developed, or other circumstances may arise that could make it difficult for you to visit the site to remember your loved one. 

How will Council mark the planting of a Memorial Tree?

Unfortunately, permanent fixtures such as plaques are not available due to vandalism and maintenance issues. 

Your Memorial Tree will be recognised with a Memorial Tree Certificate that includes the GPS location of the tree, details of the person being commemorated and the tree species. We will give you this certificate   once the tree has been planted. The tree will then be registered in Council’s Asset Management Register.

What are the costs of a Memorial Tree?

The costs of your Memorial Tree include: 

  • Memorial Tree Administration Fee for initial assessment - $106 (+GST) (non-refundable)
  • Tree planting, six months maintenance and Memorial Tree Certificate - $1210 (+GST) 

You will find the current charges for Memorial Tree planting on our fees and charges page.

What does the cost of a Memorial Tree cover? 

The cost of a Memorial Tree covers: 

  • Provision of a suitable tree; 
  • The engagement of a landscape contractor to prepare the site and plant the tree; 
  • Staking, mulching and a tree guard;  
  • Six months maintenance of the tree; and
  • Survey mapping services and a Memorial Tree Certificate. 

What other methods are available to commemorate a loved one on Council land?

Council’s Memorials Policy provides further information regarding other methods for commemorating a loved one.

Can I maintain my Memorial Tree myself? 

You are welcome to water the tree, however, as the Memorial Tree becomes a Council asset, you are not permitted to prune or undertake any other maintenance to the tree. Memorial Trees will be maintained in accordance with our standard practices following the initial six-month maintenance period.

The City of Canterbury Bankstown acknowledges the traditional custodians of the land, water and skies of Canterbury-Bankstown, the Darug (Darag, Dharug, Daruk, Dharuk) People. We recognise and respect Darug cultural heritage, beliefs and relationship with the land. We acknowledge the First Peoples’ continuing importance to our CBCity community.