Bankstown residential rates

Bankstown residential rates
Bankstown residential rates  

​​​​​For former Bankstown City Council residents and businesses, click on the following button to pay your rates.

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Rates in the dollar?

The 2018/19 rate in the dollar for residential is 0.00181411.

The minimum for 2018/19, when the land value is below $333,166, is $604.40.

Domestic Waste Management is $520.00.

Stormwater Management is $25.00 per house or $12.50 per unit.

Pension Concession

A rating concession is available to eligible pensioners upon application. The total concession available is set by legislation.

The amount or percentage of concession will be determined on the basis that:

  • you own the property on your own; or
  • you own the property with one or more eligible occupiers (an eligible occupier can be your spouse, another eligible pensioner and his or her spouse if they use the property as their sole principal home); or
  • you own the property with someone who is not an eligible occupier.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. You must be an eligible pensioner and hold a Pension Concession Card.
  2. You must own and occupy the dwelling, as your sole or principal place of living, for which a concession is being sought.
  3. Evidence of eligibility is required i.e. pension concession card.
  4. You must complete and submit to Council the Pensioner Concession Application.

Please note:

  • Persons who become eligible pensioners during the rating year will receive a concession proportionate to the number of full quarters remaining after the day on which the person becomes an eligible pensioner.
  • If eligibility ceases during the year, the entitlement will cease on the last day of the current quarterly instalment.

How to apply

Visit our Customer Service Centre at Upper Ground Floor, 66-72 Rickard Rd Bankstown, during office hours. You will need to bring your current Pensioner Concession Card, and our staff will be able to assist you in completing the application.

Or download the Pension Concession application form, complete it and return, with a copy of your Pension Concession Card, to Canterbury-Bankstown C​ouncil – PO Box 8, Bankstown NSW 1885. ​

Please contact our Customer Service Centre on 9707 9000 for more information.

Penalties for late payments

Overdue rates attract daily interest charges on the overdue amount. There is no interest free period for payment of an overdue amount.

What to do if you are having difficulties paying

If you are having difficulty in paying your Rates please contact our Customer Service Centre on 9707 9000, preferably before the account becomes overdue, to arrange a payment plan.

Change of mailing address

If your current mailing address is different to the address shown on the front of your Rate Notice, Council must be notified of your new mailing address.

You can do this by completing the Change of Address form and sending it to us via email at

Alternatively please contact our Customer Service Centre on 9707 9000 for more information.

Forms and applications

​Need more information?

If you need further information, visit our Rates Frequently Asked Questions page.