Pets and the environment

Pets and the environment
Dogs at a park
Find out how responsible pet ownership allows you to enjoy the natural environment in Canterbury-Bankstown. Pets Environment canterbury bankstown We all love our pets, we must be mindful of wildlife. Responsible pet ownership allows you to enjoy the presence of native animals in your surroundings as well as your pet.  


​​​​​​​Both cats and dogs have the potential to produce pollution.

Dog faeces 

Faeces in creeks and rivers can lead to an increased growth of algal blooms. Contaminated water can also produce nasty bacteria which can cause various health related problems including diarrhoea. 
It is a requirement under the Companion Animals Act 1998 that all dog faeces be collected, removed  and disposed of by the owner in a waste bin. There are special 'Doggy Bins' in many of our parks and reserves for this purpose. 
Failure to remove your animal's faeces incurs an on the spot fine of $275. 

​Noise pollution

Pets are also a common source of noise pollution in our communities. Dogs in particular often cause disturbances, especially if they are incessant barkers.

More information 

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