Household Chickens

Household Chickens
Chicken Coop
Keeping chooks is a great way to reduce your impact on our environment. Read about the many benefits of keeping chickens. Household Chickens Chooks chickens pets animals canterbury bankstown Keeping chooks is a great way to reduce your impact on our environment. Read about the many benefits of keeping chickens.  

Chicken coop 

Keeping chooks is a great way to reduce your impact on our environment. They produce eggs with no food miles and will help to reduce your waste by eating weeds in your garden and food scraps. There are many benefits for keeping chickens. 

Canterbury-Bankstown has some regulations to ensure your chooks are not a nuisance or health risk to other residents, including keeping a maximum of 10 chickens and no roosters. These include: ​

  • Only keep a maximum of 10 chickens and no roosters;
  • Control offensive noise, odours and vermin;
  • Keep food in sealed vermin-proof containers;
  • ​Dispose of waste materials appropriately; 
  • Keep yards enclosed to prevent chickens escaping; and 
  • Coops should be kept on sand, concrete or asphalt, to prevent vermin digging inside, and 4.5 metres away from neighbouring properties. 

Eggs-pression of Interest: CB City Household Chickens Trial

Food waste makes up half of the average red bin which goes to landfill. It is both a waste of resources and contributes to greenhouse gas emissions.

Council has partnered with City Chicks Sydney to roll out a trial program to assess the effectiveness of keeping chickens as a way to reduce food waste put in the red bin and sent to landfill.

We are seeking expressions of interest from a selected number of local residents to participate in the trial.

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible to participate, your home must be in the Council area, have an enclosed yard, be owned by you or have the owner's approval to keep pets and not have any dogs.

Additionally, participants must agree to attend training, care for the chickens, weigh and record food waste, and share information, experiences and learnings with Council.

Please note, only a limited number of households will be selected for the trial. Registering your interest does not guarantee selection for the trial. 

Households will be assessed on the stated criteria, as well as overall levels of interest, and the number and variation of interested households.

Household Chickens starter kit

If you are selected, you will receive the following items to use for a maximum period of three months:

  • Two chickens;
  • A chicken coop for the chickens to live in including water and food dispensers;
  • Pellet and scratch mix;
  • A food caddy and compostable food liners to collect food scraps;
  • A data sheet to record the weight of collected food scraps; and
  • Hands-on assistance to set up the chicken coop and ongoing support from City Chicks Sydney and Council through on-site visits (where required).

After the trial

At the end of the three month trial, you can choose to:

  • Return the chickens and starter kit products at no cost; or
  • Purchase the chickens, coop and the starter kit supplies from City Chicks Sydney for $200 (a 50 per cent discount of the usual $400 fee).  

For more information and to register your interest, complete this survey by clicking on the button below:

More information

For a full list of all the regulations see our Local Orders Policy on k​eeping poultry. 

You can also read more about the require​m​ents of keeping chickens.


For more information, or to ask a specific question, contact our Customer Service Centre on 9707 9000.