School Holiday Lawn Bowls Clinic registration form

School Holiday Lawn Bowls Clinic
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Tuesday 29 September & 6 October 2020​

​​Please report to the information desk 15 minutes before your session starts.
Please be advised child supervision is required for the duration of this event.

Note that each file must not exceed 5MB in size. If you are uploading more than one file, you must not exceed 10MB in total. Only jpg, jpeg, png, gif, pdf, doc, docx files are allowed.


Persons participating in the Active Canterbury-Bankstown’s Lawn Bowls Clinic 2020 do so at their own risk. There is an inherent risk of injury whilst participating. Council (or any other organisation involved) accepts no responsibility for any injury, loss, damage to personal property or death that may be suffered by participants during the partaking of any activity associated with the Active Canterbury-Bankstown’s Lawn Bowls Clinic 2020 event on the 29th September and 6th October 2020. This indemnity is reduced proportionately by any act or omission of the organiser or their agents.

Waiver: As a condition of participation in Active Canterbury-Bankstown’s Lawn Bowls Clinic, and Council accepting this registration, I / we agree that;

  1. I / we have read the warnings set out above in bold.
  2. I / we have read and understood the conditions of entry set out in this application form, and agree to comply with those conditions.
  3. I / we will accept directions from those conducting/administering the event that I have entered.
  4. Council, its officers and/ or its agents have my/our consent to render medical treatment if necessary.
  5. In the event of certain injuries, I / we give permission for Council, its officers or its agents to engage Ambulatory care, and transport injured participants to hospital. I / we also accept that I / we will be responsible for bearing any costs involved with the ambulance transport or medical costs including hospital admissions.
  6. Council, its officers: employees, contractors and agents will not be liable for any death, loss, injury, damage to property or economic loss suffered by me / us.

I understand that my photograph may be taken whilst participating in Active Canterbury-Bankstown’s Lawn Bowls Clinic September/October 2020 and used in publication and print media. If you do not wish to have your photograph taken, please speak to one of the organisers before the event commences.