Guidelines for establishing a nature strip garden


Verge garden diagramTips before you start

Try to use native or water-wise plants and organic products. Council has a native plant guide, visit

Consider watering by hand with collected rainwater or recycled water (irrigation systems are not permitted), and mulch to retain soil moisture.

As footpath nature strip gardens are on public footways, Council cannot take responsibility for any damage to gardens or their contents. You are responsible for maintaining your garden and keeping it safe, clean, healthy and attractive City officers may issue clean-up notices to residents who fail to maintain nature strip gardens in a safe and satisfactory condition.

Contact Dial Before You Dig to help locate any underground services on or call 1100

Nature Strip Gardens are not allowed in:

  • Areas mapped as endangered ecological communities
  • Areas formally mapped and registered as contaminated lands
  • State Roads and reserves adjacent to State Roads
  • Town Centres
  • Regional/ arterial roads with two lanes in each direction
  • Media strips and roundabouts

Completing the checklist

Make sure you answer ‘yes’ to all relevant points in the checklist – you can contact us if you have questions or queries. You must answer yes to all the relevant points honestly and submit this form before undertaking any nature strip gardening activities.

If you cannot answer all relevant points yes then you will not be permitted to undertake nature strip gardening activities. You can also download our Guidelines for establishing a Nature Strip Garden pamphlet.



Insurance note

Council encourages gardeners to be covered by their home insurance policy.

Council will extend coverage under its liability insurance program to claims for injury or property damage arising out of footpath gardens, provided that they fully comply with the Community Gardening Policy and associated checklists.

However, Council’s indemnity does not prevent a third party from making a claim against the owner for any injury, loss or damage caused by the nature strip gardens.

Privacy Note

In submitting this form, you consent to Council:
1.     collecting your personal information as contained in the form; and
2.    using the information for the purposes outlined in the form.
Providing your information is voluntary. Should you choose not to provide the information, Council is unable to process your application/request.
You may access any of your personal information that Council holds upon request.

General Requirements for nature strip gardens

The Roads Act 1993 decrees Councils as the owners of all public roads in their local Government area, other than freeways or Crown roads. Nature strips are located within and form part of the road reserve.