Bankstown Bites stallholder application form

Bankstown Bites stallholder application form


Are you interested in becoming a stallholder at Bankstown Bites? Are you looking to expand your brand and to promote your business to the local community?

If yes, complete our Stallholder Application Form below for your chance to become a part of the festival.

As a stallholder, you will be given the opportunity to demonstrate, display and promote your product or service directly to a captive audience.

For more information, contact our Events team at or call 9707 9891 or 9707 9656.

Applications close 5pm Friday, 15 June 2018 or when all positions are filled.​​​

Limited positions are available - please read form carefully as it may have changed from previous events.​​

Note that each file must not exceed 5MB in size. If you are uploading more than one file, you must not exceed 10MB in total. Only jpg, jpeg, png, gif, pdf, doc, docx files are allowed.



• Council reserves the right to accept or reject any application.
• To ensure the quality and diversity of our events, Council applies criteria for the selection of stallholders. Council reserves the right to refuse applications regardless of the date the application is sent in.
• Applications are assessed on several criteria including (but not limited to): Completion of the application form; correct insurance provided; type, quality and suitability of product; base of operations; presentation of stall/vehicle; date received, invoice paid.
• Council attempts to avoid duplications of products sold, therefore some stalls are not accepted for reasons of duplication.
• Council’s decision on stall selection and location of stalls is final. No correspondence will be entered into.
• Stalls are non-transferrable and cannot be sub-let.
• Applications will not be processed without a Public Liability Insurance certificate of currency in the name of the Business/ Trader and for minimum coverage of $20 million
• Stallholders acknowledge that Council is not responsible for cancellation of the event due to bad weather on the scheduled date and that fees are not refundable.
• You can only sell what you have listed on the application form in “Full list of food/ goods to be sold/ provided on the day”
• Art/Craft outlet- items must be made by you or a close associate and be of high quality. Samples or photos may be requested as evidence.
• Dangerous or harmful merchandise including silly string, helium filled balloons, knives, caps and replica guns are banned.
• You must agree to all terms & conditions to apply for a stall at the festival.
• New stallholders may be requested to provide references.
• Council retains the right to enter any stall at any time and remove any article which in our opinion is offensive, dangerous or not suitable for the event.
• Games of chance including lotteries, lucky dips, raffles, etc are not permitted
• No political stall or advertising is permitted at the event.
• Failure to comply with all terms & conditions may result in a forfeit of the application fee and/or your stall may be closed and/or removed from site.

2. Access and trading hours:

• Trading from 10am to 4pm.
• Stallholders must continue to trade for the entire duration of the event unless directed otherwise by event staff
• The site speed limit is 5km/h
• There will be no vehicle entry to the event site from 9am to 4.30pm, or at the event coordinator’s discretion. Permit must be displayed
• All equipment/unsold stock to be cleared by 5pm.
• All equipment must be packed and ready to load prior to bringing your vehicle on to site.
• Stallholders who do not arrive during the designated set up period will be deemed to have relinquished their position.
• No parking will be available on site.
• Council will not accept responsibility for any traffic infringements, damage to vehicles/equipment etc, which may be incurred.

3. Public/product liability Insurance:

• You must have your own public liability insurance to a value of at least $20 million to cover your operations throughout the event.
• Insurance must be valid for the duration of the event.
• The name listed on the insurance policy MUST match that on this application under Business Name or Trading Name

4. Site Location

• A site plan detailing the position of your stall will be sent after your application has been approved.
• The location of all stalls is at the discretion of Council.

5. Power Access:

• All stall holders are responsible for supplying sufficient tagged electrical leads and adaptors for connection to power.
• You must ensure that all electrical equipment is in good working order and meets Australian safety standards.
• You must indicate if you require power at the time of making your application, otherwise Council cannot guarantee power availability.

6. Waste Wise Event:

• No polystyrene to be used.
• Drinks must be sold/supplied in biodegradable or recyclable containers.
• General waste & recycling bins will be provided by Council, which will be emptied by council staff when required.
• Each stallholder is required to keep their stall clean and well presented at all times.
• Stallholders are responsible for the removal from site of any and all plastic trays (such as bread trays and milk crates)
• No balloons are to be given away or sold

7. Payment

• Once the application has been approved you will be invoiced and required to pay by 15 June to secure the booking.
• Any expenses incurred due to damage by the stall holder will be charged to the stallholder at cost plus 10%.

8. Occupational Health & Safety:

• You must familiarise yourself and comply with any WHS regulations relative to your business.
• Compliance with these terms & conditions does not negate your legal responsibilities under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 and its regulations.
• No person in the stall area must be under the influence of alcohol.
• No smoking within 10metres of any stall.
• No children under the age of 15 to be in the food stall area.

9. Food Stalls

• All temporary food premises must comply with the requirements of the NSW Food Authority “Guidelines for Food Businesses at Temporary Events” which can be found at
• Under the NSW Food Act 2003, all temporary food handling businesses in NSW are required to “notify” their details to the NSW Food Authority.
• All food stalls will be inspected by Council Environmental Health Officers before and during operations and penalties may apply to those that fail to comply with the regulatory food handling processes. Serious breaches will result in the immediate closure of the stall by event management as well as other penalties.
• All food businesses must appoint a Food Safety Supervisor (FSS) for the premises. A copy of the FSS Certificate must be submitted to Council with this application and must be kept on the premises.

10. Disputes

On the day of the event, the decision of Council event staff is final and must be adhered to. If there is a dispute regarding this decision it must be pursued after the event in writing to the Coordinator Events.