Futsal Competition Insurance Futsal Competition Insurance Morris Iemma Indoor Sports Centre (MIISC)

All players registered with Morris Iemma Indoor Sports Centre (MIISC) are covered by Football NSW Limited Accident Support Program. If you have been injured and need to claim insurance, please follow the following procedure.

  1. When you are injured, you MUST report your injury to our competition administrator at the Centre before you leave.
  2. Get injury assessed by a Doctor to determine what further treatment may be needed.
  3. For those with injuries that require further treatment, you will need to complete the claim form (in hardcopy) and send it and any supporting paperwork (receipts, doctor's referrals etc) to our competitions administrator either in person or via email


Please provide all details necessary for the Competition Administrator to complete the Officials Declaration part of the form. We recommend you keep copies of everything for your files.

Once the claim has been lodged (by MIISC) the matter is then usually dealt with directly between the player and the insurer.

Summary Brochure

FNSW Injury Claim Form