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Council recognises youth achievements

Council recognises youth achievements Do you know someone that displays excellent leadership skills and is aged between 12-18 years? Then why not nominate them for the 2017 Canterbury-Bankstown Youth Awards? Yes canterbury bankstown youth awards  

Do you know someone that displays excellent leadership skills and is aged between 12-18 years? Then why not nominate them for the 2017 Canterbury-Bankstown Youth Awards?

2016 winner of the sporting category, 15-year-old Sienna Elphinston, from East Hills, said the awards provided wonderful recognition for youth in the area.

“I was surprised to be nominated because I never thought I was worthy of an award just for being good at swimming, but others did, which felt nice,” Sienna said.

Last year, Sienna won gold in the state for 100m and 200m breaststroke, where she then went on to compete in the Georgina Hope Foundation Age Nationals, placing in the top 10.

“When I was nominated, I looked at all I had achieved in swimming at such a young age and was proud I was contributing to the community in a positive and active way,” she said.

“It also meant all those 4am starts were paying off and I was improving.”

Sienna is now calling on the community to nominate other youth for the 2017 awards.

“I would definitely encourage people to nominate someone who deserves to receive credit.

It’s a great way to show that young person you appreciate their efforts,” she said.

“I have to say it was one of the best things to happen to me because it gave me the extra confidence and drive I needed to keep competing.”

Administrator, Richard Colley, said nominations are open for youth aged 12-18 who live, work or study in Canterbury-Bankstown.

“Our City is filled with plenty of ambitious youth who deserve to be nominated and recognized for their achievements and contributions in our community,” Mr Colley said.

“Each year the nominees have often displayed extraordinary talents and capabilities, which makes choosing just one winner in each category extremely difficult.”

This year’s six categories are - Academic achievement, Community involvement, Creative and Performing Arts, Inspiration, Leadership and Sporting.

Nominations can be lodged from Tuesday 1 August to Friday 1 September at

For more information, contact Christopher Manoski on 9707 9605 or email​

 19/07/2017 3:53 PM