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The future CBCity is here

The future CBCity is here Imagine it is peak-hour in the morning in Canterbury-Bankstown, sometime in the future... Yes  

Imagine it is peak-hour in the morning in Canterbury-Bankstown, sometime in the future. You have already parked your electric vehicle in one of the car parks and you’re now e-scootering your way through the plaza to catch the Metro.

Along the way you are admiring the smart benches that are charging people’s phones and providing free internet access, and noticing how clean the streets are, which you know is thanks to the smart bins that have a compactor in them, therefore can hold more and require less emptying.

As you get to the railway station, you stop for a moment and take in the fresh air from the surrounding trees and realise how lucky you are that you live in a clean and green ‘smart city’.

The reality of this future is not far off, with Council kicking off this discussion through its Future Street Activation program, an interactive experience that brings to life elements from its Smart CBCity Roadmap and Bankstown Complete Streets Transport and Place Plan.

From today until Monday 24 June (9am-6pm), the activation will temporarily transform the plaza space, between North Terrace and Bankstown Station, to give the community an opportunity to see, touch and feel what a future street could look like. The ‘virtual reality’ activation experience will include:

  • Wider footpaths;
  • Additional trees and greenery;
  • Smart bins;
  • Smart benches;
  • Electric vehicles; and
  • E-bikes and E-scooters.

Mayor Khal Asfour said the future of CBCity will be an exciting one for residents and visitors.

"This all might sound like science fiction but, in truth, it’s fast becoming reality," he said.

"The aim is to transform street and civic spaces into more attractive, safer, sustainable, usable places, that are easier to navigate, enjoy and do business in. It’s all about improving quality of life and providing more efficient services.

"This is an opportunity for the community to embrace the changes that are coming, and help further develop and design what the future of CBCity will look like by providing their thoughts."

Community and school groups are invited to attend 60 minute sessions.

For more information, visit

 19/06/2019 2:24 PM