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Council launches second Little Free Library

Council launches second Little Free Library Council’s second Little Free Library was launched outside Campsie train station last week. No little free library campsie city of canterbury bankstown Council’s second Little Free Library was launched outside Campsie train station last week.  

​Council’s second Little Free Library was launched outside Campsie train station last week.

The Little Free Library, which enables train travellers and bookworms to read on their way to work, is aimed at promoting literacy and reading across the City.

Administrator, Richard Colley, along with a representative from the Canterbury Men’s Shed, officially unveiled the lookalike Doctor Who Time And Relative Dimension In Space (TARDIS) in front of the community and train commuters.

"When we set up the first Little Free Library in 2013 near Hurlstone Park train station, we never anticipated how much of a success it would be," Mr Colley said.

"It worked marvelously, so we wanted to replicate that again."

Earlier this year, it was decided that a second Little Free Library would be built for further community use but this time, the added element of fiction was included in the design.


"We wanted to play on being transported in time and space, just like the TARDIS, so we hope that when people pick up something to read, they’re transported into that book even if it’s just for their half-an-hour train ride," Mr Colley said.

He said the second Little Free Library would be available to the thousands of train travellers who pass through Campsie train station.

"For those who can’t make it into the library, the Little Free Libraries provide reading material in an ultra-accessible way," Mr Colley said.

The books are free to borrow and can either be returned or exchanged for another book.

"The best part about the library is there’s no obligation to return books, no late fees, and it’s open 24/7," Mr Colley said.

Council currently restocks the Hurlstone Park Little Free Library on a weekly basis. The same will occur at the new Campsie one however, Mr Colley said in order for the program to continue its success, the community is asked to be the drivers of the initiative.

"As much as we like filling these Little Free Libraries with interesting books, we encourage the community to get involved by trading their own books too," Mr Colley said.

"If you love a book and want to share it with the world, then this is a great way to go about it, plus you never know where your book might end up. After all, the Little Free Library is an international initiative. There’s more than 31,000 of them placed around the globe."

For more information about Council’s Little Free Libraries, go to

 30/11/2017 3:27 PM