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Robert Street Steps Artwork project

Robert Street Steps Artwork project The City of Canterbury Bankstown is encouraging creative senior high school students to design an interesting and engaging artwork. No Robert Street Steps Artwork project The City of Canterbury Bankstown is encouraging creative senior high school students to design an interesting and engaging artwork. News Columns; News and Updates
Artist Representation of Canterbury Town Centre

​​Project background

The City of Canterbury Bankstown is encouraging creative senior high school students to design an interesting and engaging artwork.

The selected design will be converted into a large vertical image, installed onto a new wall in Canterbury Town Centre, using flatbed printed ceramic tiles.

Concept drawing of Canterbury Town Centre
Figure One: concept image of the location


The artwork should reflect the local life, experience or identity of the area, energising the site with something that is unique, engaging and fun.

The artwork could explore:

  • What your experiences, observations or memories are;
  • What you love or know about Canterbury;
  • What you identify with the Canterbury area;
  • The history of the area.

We have provided some web sites with background information about the area at the end of this doument.


The design can be made using any medium, but will need to be transferred into a digital format for Stage One and Two submissions:

  • For Stage One, the design submission must be in a .JPEG format (maximum 2MB); and
  • For Stage Two, the design submission must be in a .JPEG format at a 200ppi resolution, ready for printing onto the ceramic tiles.

Students can make submissions as individuals or in groups. The successful student(s) will be paid $2,000 for their artwork, once the final approved artwork design is submitted to Council.

Council's Project Manager will liaise with, and provide assistance to, the applicants as required.


The artwork will go up on the eastern wall of pedestrian stairs, to be constructed in Robert Street, Canterbury.

These stairs (as per Figures Two and Three in the Design Brief Document), will link Robert Street to the Cooks River foreshore and will be adjacent to the Cooks River cycleway. View the Robert Street Steps Artwork Wall Outline.

Figure Two: location map of artwork

Figure Three: location and area of artwork wall

Submission requirements

To be considered for this project, students must submit a fully completed application form and an image of their design, via email to, subject; Robert Street Steps Artwork.

All submissions must be received by Monday 10 December, 5pm.

The application form can be found at the end of this page under the 'Documents' sub-heading.

The digital image of the artwork design should be submitted in .JPEG format, maximum size 2MB.

All queries regarding the artwork project should be made to the Council project manager, Nina Kierath.

Students directly related to City of Canterbury Bankstown staff or Councillors may not submit an application due to a conflict of interest.

By registering their interest, the applicant is acknowledging their ability to complete the second stage of the project by the required date.


Council will be the owner of the artwork. The artwork must not be reproduced or the design used elsewhere.

The student(s) will retain copyright to the artwork. The student(s) will grant Council a permanent right to reproduce images and designs of the artworks, in not-for-profit situations.

When Council reproduces images of the artworks, Council will endeavour to acknowledge the student(s) where possible.


Robert Street Steps Artwork application form​

Robert Street Steps Artwork design brief

Robert Street Steps Artwork Wall Outline


For artwork inspiration, visit:;;; and

 30/10/2018 4:40 PM