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Record Funding for Roads & Traffic Improvements

Record Funding for Roads & Traffic Improvements A record $31 million will be invested in roads and traffic improvements in Canterbury-Bankstown in 2018-19, $10 million more than 2017-18. No Record Funding for Roads Traffic Improvements A record $31 million will be invested in roads and traffic improvements in Canterbury-Bankstown in 2018-19, $10 million more than 2017-18. Road Safety Program
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A record $31 million will be invested in roads and traffic improvements in Canterbury-Bankstown in 2018-19, $10 million more than 2017-18.

The City of Canterbury Bankstown has allocated $28.5 million, with a further $1.1 million coming from the Federal Government's Black Spot Program and $1.4 million from the NSW Government's Safer Roads Program.

Mayor Khal Asfour said he was looking forward to seeing 120 road projects completed.

"We have a huge 907-kilometre road network and it is important residents and visitors are able to get to where they're going safely," he said.

"Our investment in roads shows our continued commitment to the safety of motorists and pedestrians.

"But these proposed improvements will only assist if motorists drive to the conditions and obey the road rules."

Work scheduled includes:

  • Road resurfacing and widening;
  • Kerb and gutter construction;
  • Installation of speed humps; and
  • Construction of roundabouts.

Mayor Asfour said Council allocates as much as possible towards delivering projects for the community.

"I would like to upgrade every road in our City each year but that's obviously not possible," he said.

"We need to prioritise projects based on the age of the asset, safety requirements feedback from residents.

"Even though your road may not be scheduled for upgrading, it continues to be maintained. But, because our officers can't be everywhere all the time and mother nature also plays a hand, we need residents to contact us if they notice an issue so we can promptly address it.

Work will start on the first projects later this month in Georges Hall, with kerb and gutter construction in Korbel Place and road resurfacing in Binalong Avenue.

For a list of the road and traffic projects to be delivered in 2018-19, visit

Road projects

Project description



Resurface road pavementHarmony Street, Hay Street to Malleny Street, Ashbury$100,000
Resurface road pavementHolden Street, Second Street to Princess Street from half of the width, Ashbury$100,000
Rehabilitate road pavement

King Street, Princess Street to Roslyn Street, Ashbury

Resurface road pavementLeopold Street, Alison Street to Leith Street, Ashbury$110,000
Rehabilitate road pavementMilton Street, Trevenar Street to Council boundary, Ashbury$400,000
Rehabilitate road pavement

Chapel Road, High Street to Shenton Avenue, Bankstown

Rehabilitate road pavementConway Road, Heath Street to Corbet Street, Bankstown$250,000
Resurface road pavement

Carmen Street, Brancourt Avenue to Reynolds Avenue, Bankstown

Resurface road pavement

Rickard Road, Jacob Street to Chapel Road, Bankstown

Construct speed humps

Prairie Vale Road, Stacey Street to Frank Street, Bankstown

Construct raised pedestrian crossing and pedestrian fencing and upgrade traffic lights and median islandGreenfield Parade, Bankstown Sports Club entrance to Restwell Street, Bankstown$412,000
Rehabilitate kerb and gutter

Avonlea Crescent, Robertson Road to cul-de-sac, Bass Hill

Resurface road pavement

Robertson Road, Buist Street to Trebartha Street, Bass Hill

Resurface road pavement

Belfield Lane, Punchbowl Road to end, Belfield

Rehabilitate road pavementBurwood Road, bridge to Carter Street, Belfield$130,000
Resurface road pavement

Brande Street, Lakemba Street to end, Belmore

Resurface road pavement

Hannans Road, Belmore Road to Bonds Road, Riverwood


Resurface road pavement

Moreton Street, Lakemba Street to The Boulevarde, Belmore

Resurface road pavementTurton Lane, Turton Avenue to William Street, Belmore$30,000
Construct roundaboutPalmer Street at Tuder Street, Belmore$205,000

Construct speed humps and

paint median

Benaroon Road, Knox Street to Punchbowl Road, Belmore

Various workWiggs Road/Moxon Road, Canterbury Road to Belmore Road, Riverwood$202,000
Resurface road pavement

Gascoigne Road, Ferrier Road to Rodd Street, Birrong

Resurface road pavement

Harcourt Avenue, Ninth Avenue to end, Campsie

Resurface road pavementNicholas Avenue, Canterbury Road to end, Campsie$100,000
Resurface road pavement

Seventh Avenue, Fourth Avenue to Third Avenue, Campsie

Resurface road pavementStanley Street, Canterbury Road to Unara Street, Campsie$150,000
Resurface road pavementThorncraft Parade, Canterbury Road to Claremont Street, Campsie$320,000
Resurface road pavementUnara Street, Beamish Street to Duke Street, Campsie$220,000
Construct pedestrian crossingNinth Avenue at Fourth Avenue, Campsie$110,000
Resurface road pavementClunes Lane, Wonga Street to Phillip Avenue, Canterbury$40,000
Resurface road pavement

Waratah Lane, Gould Street to Wonga Street, Canterbury

Resurface road pavementWarrigal Lane, Wairoa Street to Warrigal Street, Canterbury$120,000
Resurface road pavementCroydon Street, The Boulevarde to Canterbury Road, Lakemba$740,000
Construct pedestrian crossingFore Street at High Street, Canterbury$100,000
Upgrade traffic lights

Victoria Roads, Canterbury Road to Wiggs Road, Punchbowl

Construct concrete median

Moreton Street and Canterbury Road, Lakemba

Rehabilitate kerb and gutterBirriga Avenue, Patricia Street to cul-de-sac, Chester Hill$120,000
Widen roadWolumba Road, Chester Hill$200,000
Resurface road pavement

Clack Road, Brown Street to Miller Road, Chester Hill

Resurface road pavementFuller Street, Parkham Street to Miller Road, Chester Hill$85,000
Resurface road pavementBurton Avenue, Priam Avenue to Meakin Crescent, Chester Hill$470,000
Resurface road pavement

Proctor Parade, Orchard Road to Chester Hill Road, Chester Hill

Upgrade intersection

Gurney Road at Miowera Road and St Pauls Place, Chester Hill

Construct cul-de-sacBiara Avenue, Clemton Park$170,000
Resurface road pavementMiller Street, school entrance to Homer Street, Clemton Park$80,000
Resurface road pavementManahan Street, Townsend Street to Wren Street, Condell Park$305,000
Resurface road pavement

Olive Street, Eldridge Road to Yanderra Street, Condell Park

Resurface road pavementIlma Street, Edgar Avenue to Willfox Street, Condell Park$217,500
Install roundabout, raised island and stop signsHunter Street, Marion Street/Lancelot Street/Augusta Street, Condell Park$288,000
Resurface road pavement

Burwood Road, Yangoora Road to bridge, Croydon Park

Rehabilitate road pavementHighcliff Lane, Highcliff Road to Bayview Avenue, Earlwood$50,000
Rehabilitate road pavementHighcliff Road, Bayview Avenue to end, Earlwood$1,310,000
Resurface road pavementHomer Street, Wardell Road to Clarke Street, Earlwood$150,000
Resurface road pavement

Lewin Street, Hamilton Avenue to Larkhall Lane, Earlwood

Resurface road pavement

Ryrie Road, William Street to Calbina Road, Earlwood

Resurface road pavement

Woolcott Street, Fuller Avenue to Fore Street, Earlwood

Rehabilitate road pavementWaterside Crescent, Permanent Avenue (west) to Permanent Avenue (east), Earlwood$900,000
Construct roundabout

Earlwood Avenue at Gueudecourt Avenue, Earlwood


Construct pedestrian

crossing/bicycle refuge

Bayview Road at Cooks River, Earlwood$89,500
Construct speed humpsBass Road, Wardell Road to Riverview Road, Earlwood$45,000
Rehabilitate kerb and gutterCheatle Street, Enright Street to number four, East Hills$40,000
Rehabilitate kerb and gutterPark Road, East Hills$135,000
Rehabilitate kerb and gutterKorbel Place, Binalong Avenue to cul-de- sac, Georges Hall$60,000
Resurface road pavement

Binalong Avenue, Whitemore Avenue to Oak Drive, Georges Hall

Resurface road pavement

Bangalay Street, Flinders Road to Oak Drive, Georges Hall

Improve intersection and pedestrian crossing

Haig Avenue, Birdwood Road and Owen Road between Henry Lawson Drive and Marion Street, Georges Hall

Resurface road pavement

Noble Avenue, Boronia Road to Rawson Road, Greenacre

Resurface road pavementBeresford Avenue, Brunker Road to Stacey Street, Greenacre$330,000
Resurface road pavement

Maiden Street, Maiden Street and Ivy Street intersection, Greenacre

Rehabilitate road pavementWangee Road, Waterloo Road to Acacia Avenue, Greenacre$335,000
Resurface road pavement

Robinson Street, Hume Highway to Lawford Street, Greenacre

Resurface road pavement

Lawford Street, Murray Street to cul-de-sac, Greenacre

Construct speed humps

Mimosa Road, Hillcrest Avenue to Noble Avenue, Greenacre

Traffic managementChiswick Road, Highview Avenue to Hillcrest Avenue, Greenacre$45,000
Construct roundaboutMaiden Street at Ivy Street, Greenacre$170,000
Resurface road pavement

Crinan Lane, Crinan Street to Wallace Lane, Hurlstone Park

Rehabilitate road pavementHampden Street, Duntroon Street to Garnett Street, Hurlstone Park$235,000
Resurface road pavement

Marcia Lane, Duntroon Street to end, Hurlstone Park

Reconstruct kerb and gutterKoala Road, Lakemba$900,000
Rehabilitate road pavementWangee Road, Yangoora Road to Lakemba Street, Lakemba$250,000
Construct pedestrian crossingLakemba Street at Dennis Street, Lakemba$70,700
Construct roundaboutDennis Street at Gillies Street, Lakemba$152,000

Install traffic signals and

pedestrian fencing

Lakemba Street and Wangee Road, Lakemba

Resurface road pavementHorsley Road, Amour Street to Bullecourt Avenue, Milperra$410,000
Resurface road pavementNirimba Avenue, Penshurst Road to Hannans Road, Narwee$250,000
Rehabilitate road pavement

Cory Avenue, Arab Road to Alice Street, Padstow

Resurface road pavement

Tyalgum Avenue, Weston Street to number 17, Panania

Resurface road pavementWeston Street, Ashmead Road to The River Road, Panania$180,000
Rehabilitate kerb and gutter

Garden Place, Kathleen Parade to cul-de-sac, Picnic Point

Rehabilitate service lane road pavement911-921 Henry Lawson Drive, Picnic Point$80,000
Resurface road pavementWattle Street, number 207 to Carrisbrook Avenue, Punchbowl$435,000
Resurface road pavementKelly Street, Mount Lewis Avenue to Henry Street, Punchbowl$295,000
Rehabilitate road pavement

Kylie Parade, Cullens Road to number 17, Punchbowl

Resurface road pavement

Viola Street, Punchbowl Road to Rose Street, Punchbowl

Rehabilitate road pavementBroadway, Hillcrest Street to The Boulevarde, Punchbowl$750,000
Raise thresholdViola Street at Victoria Road, Punchbowl$100,000
Construct speed humps

Waratah Street, Acacia Avenue to

Punchbowl Road, Punchbowl

Resurface road pavementMarigold Street, Amour Street to Carrington Street, Revesby$430,000
Resurface road pavementBeaconsfield Street, The River Road to Sherwood Street, Revesby$365,000
Resurface road pavement

The River Road, Ferndale Road to Edinburgh Drive, Revesby

Construct roundaboutBeaconsfield Street at Victoria Street, Revesby$239,000
Resurface road pavementCoorabin Place, Hannans Road to end, Riverwood$100,000
Resurface road pavementHardy Avenue, Hannans Road to end, Riverwood$90,000
Rehabilitate road pavement

Sirius Place, Hannans Road to end, Riverwood

Construct pedestrian crossing

Michigan Road at Roosevelt Avenue, Riverwood

Resurface road pavement

Highland Avenue, Payten Avenue to Farnham Avenue, Roselands

Resurface road pavementRoseland Avenue, Edzell Avenue to end, Roselands$30,000
Resurface road pavement

Clapham Road, Helen Street to Chisholm Road, Sefton

Widen roadHector Street bridge, Sefton$100,000
Construct roundaboutHelen Street at Proctor Parade, Sefton$207,500
Resurface road pavement

Epic Place, Miller Road to cul-de-sac, Villawood

Reconstruct roundabout

Miller Road at Bennet Street/Sir Thomas Mitchell Road, Villawood

Resurface road pavementCornelia Street, Punchbowl Road to number 43, Wiley Park$120,000
Resurface road pavement

Shadforth Street, Lakemba Street to end, Wiley Park

Rehabilitate road pavementColechin Street, Willett Street to Hume Highway, Yagoona$425,000
Resurface road pavementCaldwell Parade, Daley Road to Bowden Boulevarde, Yagoona$200,000
Resurface road pavement

Bowden Boulevarde, Caldwell Parade to Ashby Avenue, Yagoona

Resurface road pavementGlassop Street, Allum Street to Wilkins Street, Yagoona$750,000
Resurface road pavement

Allder Street, Nobbs Road to cul-de-sac, Yagoona

Construct speed humpsCooper Road, Brunker Road to Hume Highway, Yagoona$90,000
Apply thin overlayVarious$704,678
Heavy patchingVarious$1,274,562


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