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It's a paw-fect partnership

It's a paw-fect partnership The City of Canterbury Bankstown is teaming up with one of its vet partners in a new re-homing initiative, which aims to increase pet adoption in the area. No  

The City of Canterbury Bankstown is teaming up with one of its vet partners in a new re-homing initiative, which aims to increase pet adoption in the area.

Each week, Council will share a pet of the week picture, from Rossmore Veterinary Hospital, on its Facebook page, in the hope of finding them a family.

Administrator, Richard Colley, was thrilled with the new partnership and encouraged the community to think about pet adoption.

"The cat is finally out of the bag. We’ve been working with Rossmore Veterinary Hospital for a while to establish a program that benefits the community and reduces the euthanasia rate of animals," Mr Colley said.

He said this new approach to pet adoption really deserves a round of "a-paws", considering each year Council impounds 750 dogs and 150 cats.

"I’m a big advocate for adopting animals from a shelter. My last dog was an RSPCA dog and I wouldn’t have had it any other way," Mr Colley said.

"These unwanted animals are innocent creatures, and deserve to feel safe, loved and protected."

After both former Canterbury and Bankstown City Councils animal holding facility contracts expired, Council has had to make new arrangements.

"We’ve entered into an agreement with Rossmore Veterinary Hospital, Bass Hill Veterinary Hospital and Vetpartners Australia to house lost or surrendered dogs found across the City," Mr Colley said.

"Having these facilities ensures these animals are protected, and that cats and dogs are not roaming our streets.

"The benefit of going with the chosen providers is that they’re low-kill facilities and actively seek to find suitable homes for the animals.

"There is also the added benefit they can provide a vet check for incoming animals, which is desirable."

Manager of Rossmore Veterinary Hospital, Sheree Ungaro, said it was a proactive step to increasing pet adoption.

"We have a good re-homing rate for animals that come in, with most of them leaving our facility within 14 days," she said.

"Ever since we began sharing the animals on our Facebook page, we’ve seen a significant number of them being purchased.

"Having Council work with us now will help us further our reach to the community and hopefully increase the number of animals being re-homed or bought."

 7/09/2017 9:33 AM