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Making play fairer

Making play fairer The City of Canterbury Bankstown has approved a new strategic plan, which will help guide the future provision, development and management of playgrounds. No  

The City of Canterbury Bankstown has approved a new strategic plan, which will help guide the future provision, development and management of playgrounds.

Overnight, Council adopted the 10-year Playground and Play Spaces Strategic Plan, after an extensive six-week community consultation process.

Mayor Khal Asfour said a large number of residents took the time to have their say, with 188 submissions received.

"This is about making things fairer," he said.

"While we’d love to install a playground in every park, it is simply not possible. This strategic plan enables us to look at our City holistically and ensure all children in Canterbury-Bankstown live within a reasonable distance of a playground.

"At present, some suburbs have a high proportion of playgrounds and open space play areas, while others do not. For example, Hurlstone Park has one playground for every 532 residents, while Punchbowl has one for every 3,378. This strategy is about working to have an even distribution of facilities.

"It is important to understand, to achieve more equity across the City, new playgrounds will be introduced in some areas, while in others, some existing playgrounds may not be replaced at the end of their use by date."

Under the new strategic plan, 20 areas have been identified for establishment of large playgrounds, with 105 sites earmarked for medium-sized playgrounds and 107 for smaller facilities.

There are currently 244 playgrounds in Canterbury-Bankstown, with the latest being the all-abilities facility at Bankstown City Gardens, which will be officially opened by the Mayor this Friday.

"The first priority will be to improve shade at all existing playgrounds, while planning will begin on the installation or improvement of the City’s large-scale playgrounds at Parry Park, Tasker Park, Lambeth Reserve, Maluga Passive Park and Deepwater Park," Mayor Asfour said.

To view the Playgrounds and Play Spaces Strategic Plan, visit

 27/02/2019 12:51 PM