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Keep Campsie Clean

Keep Campsie Clean City of Canterbury Bankstown is tackling litter head-on in Campsie. No litter clean rubbish campsie canterbury bankstown beamish City of Canterbury Bankstown is tackling litter head-on in Campsie.  
Keep Campsie Clean

​​City of Canterbury Bankstown is tackling litter head-on in Campsie.

Administrator, Richard Colley, said litter audits undertaken over a two-day period revealed Beamish Street was one of the most heavily littered areas in the City.

"More than 670 pieces of rubbish were collected, while more than half of 50 businesses surveyed said they felt litter was a serious problem in the area," Mr Colley said.

"As a result, we came up with a targeted approach to reduce the litter rate in the Campsie CBD."

The program included:

  • The installation of eight new bins in Beamish Street;

  • Establishing a community-led group to drive anti-litter management in Campsie;

  • Imposing on-the-spot fines which can range from $80-$900; and

  • Educating locals about improving their rubbish disposal habits through signage and a special 'pledging event'. 

The take the pledge to Keep Campsie Clean event is being held from 10am-2pm on Saturday 14 January in the Anzac Mall.

"This event will give locals the chance to stand up and commit to doing the right thing and, at the same time, teach them more about the environmental, social and economic impact of littering," Mr Colley said.

"By taking this public oath together, we become positive litter prevention ambassadors and promote pride in our City."

Residents will also have the chance to win prizes as part of a quiz which tests their knowledge of litter, while the Little Aussie Butt-lers will promote the anti-litter message through street theatre.

This is the second CBD litter campaign introduced by Council this year. In September, the final stage of the Locals Like Greenacre Litter Free campaign was rolled out. This included:

  • The installation of 12 new bins, with signage, along Waterloo Road, Greenacre;

  • Street performers entertaining and educating shoppers and businesses about litter; and

  • Dedicated cleaning staff picking up litter around Greenacre three times a day.

For more information about Keep Campsie Clean, call Anne Kehlhofer on 9707 9000 or email​

 22/03/2017 10:29 AM