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Development times one of the fastest in NSW

Development times one of the fastest in NSW Building tomorrow’s Canterbury-Bankstown is becoming easier, with development applications (DAs) being reviewed and approved faster than ever before. Yes  

Building tomorrow’s Canterbury-Bankstown is becoming easier, with development applications (DAs) being reviewed and approved faster than ever before.

In the first quarter of this year (between January and March), the City of Canterbury Bankstown determined 394 DAs to the value of more than $371 million.

The median time for determination was around 40 days, making it one of the fastest times for a council in NSW.

"Our median is at 42 days, which means developers, builders and home renovators only have to wait a short period of time before knowing the outcome of their application," Mayor, Khal Asfour, said.

"It just goes to show all the behind the scenes work Council does here, is paying off. We have an exemplary Planning Department that puts in a lot of hours to determine applications."

Mayor Asfour said Council aimed to make the entire application process easier.

"I think it comes down to the fact that we readily provide planning resources to our community," Mayor Asfour said.

"We commit the services of our qualified town planners and building surveyors to Council’s Customer Service Centre every day, to assist with design advice.

"We also understand navigating through the various layers of development controls set out by Council and the State Government, can often be a complex and daunting task, especially for first-time builders and developers."

If it’s a larger or more complicated development, Council extends its services to providing pre-lodgment advice before assessing the application.

"If we identify an issue with a DA once it is lodged, we call the applicant directly and work with them toward a clear and timely solution," Mayor Asfour said.

"We will often arrange a face-to-face meeting to assist this process, to make sure everyone is on the same page."

In the last two years, Council has reviewed its processes around the assessment of DAs, and has made significant investment in going digital.

"Last year, we introduced Council’s ePlanning technology. Customers can now get detailed planning advice and controls tailored to their site, and the type of development they wish to undertake, via web enquiries.

The Planning and Building Guide can be found at It comprises:

1) Forms;

2) A checklist;

3) Information sheets; and

4) Directions on how to lodge a planning and building application.

 1/05/2018 10:12 AM