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CBCity enters into state-first power contract

CBCity enters into state-first power contract In a NSW first, the City of Canterbury Bankstown has signed a new energy contract, along with another 17 councils, which will see it use more renewable energy. No  

In a NSW first, the City of Canterbury Bankstown has signed a new energy contract, along with another 17 councils, which will see it use more renewable energy.

The Program for Energy and Environmental Risk Solutions (PEERS) contract, coordinated by Southern Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils (SSROC), was signed with Origin Electricity Energy Limited earlier this month. It stipulates:

  • Approximately 20 per cent of the Council’s annual electricity load will be renewable energy, purchased from the Moree Solar Farm project, until the end of 2030;
  • The balance (80 per cent) will come from non-renewable sources for three years, following which the renewable portion may be increased; and
  • The price of renewable energy will be lower than the standard non-renewable energy.

Mayor Khal Asfour said the decision made perfect business sense, was environmentally responsible and adhered to the wishes of residents.

"More than 10,000 residents told us they want Canterbury-Bankstown to be greener and cleaner by 2028, with more environmentally-friendly initiatives that help protect our natural environment – this arrangement helps us continue to move towards achieving that," he said.

"Council is an integral part of the success of the contract, because as the largest Council in NSW by population, Canterbury-Bankstown is buying the greatest percentage of the total Megawatt load in the combined agreement."

"Prior to this agreement being signed, solar panels on Council facilities generated one-and-a-half per cent of the energy Council uses. Over the next financial year, this will jump to two-and-a-half per cent.

"This agreement means our renewable energy usage will jump to 22.5 per cent and deliver a saving of over $90,000 in the first three years alone.

"After three years, we will have the option to review energy costs and increase the percentage of renewable energy we buy.

"This is a great example of councils working together to collectively bargain for a better deal which, in the end, saves our residents money.

"We’re also planning to install more solar panels on Council-owned buildings and sites. Our draft masterplan for Salt Pan Creek Reserve includes aspirations for the installation of a solar farm and we’re also planning the installation of another 11 rooftop solar arrays on Council buildings this year."

For more information on what other initiatives Council is implementing to make our City cleaner and greener, and achieve savings, visit

 15/10/2018 4:15 PM