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Australia Day Award nominations

Australia Day Award nominations ​​The City of Canterbury Bankstown is searching for outstanding citizens and community groups, with nominations open for the annual Australia Day Awards. No  

​​The City of Canterbury Bankstown is searching for outstanding citizens and community groups, with nominations open for the annual Australia Day Awards. This year’s categories are:

  • ​​Citizen of the Year (aged over 26);
  • Young Citizen of the Year (16-25 years);
  • Volunteer of the Year; and
  • Organisation of the Year.
Mayor Khal Asfour said the awards are about recognising unsung heroes.
“The awards are an integral part of our Australia Day celebrations, as we honour and shine a light on the contributions which have helped make Canterbury-Bankstown such a great place to live in, work in, visit and enjoy,” he said.
“These are people who go out of their way to help others and don’t want anything in return. Their determination is inspiring and they deserve recognition.”
This year’s Canterbury-Bankstown Young Citizen of the Year, Talia Smith, said she was forever grateful for the recognition she received.
“I was very humbled when my name was called out because I know there are so many people doing amazing things in the community and are just as deserving,” Ms Smith said.
“I think it’s so important to nominate someone you know for the Australia Day Awards, because it shows you appreciate the meaningful contribution they’re making in the community.”
The 25-year-old was acknowledged for her efforts at I Am a Boat Person, a not-for-profit organisation that provides English and financial literacy to asylum seekers and refugees in detention centres. She is also an advocate for the visitors’ program, which sees her spend time with people in Villawood Detention Centre who don’t have any family or friends living in Australia.
Nomination forms are available at:
  • ​​​yawards
  • Council’s Bankstown and Campsie Customer Service Centres; and
  • Council’s nine Library and Knowledge Centres.
Applications close 5pm Monday ​10 December.​

 14/02/2019 9:19 AM