Council Notices

Council Notices
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Development Applications

In accordance with Canterbury-Bankstown Community Participation Plan, the following applications have been placed on public exhibition:

DA No.



Proposed Development​

Designated Development 

Comments Due

​DA-409/2023​Lot 15 DP 6976, No. 11 Lancelot St, Punchbowl​by ZT Architects Pty Ltd​Demolition of existing on-site structure and construction of a two storey childcare centre with basement car parking.​No​5pm 6 June 2023
​DA-457/2023​Lot 101 DP 572517, No. 102 Benaroon Rd, Lakem​ba​All Autosmash Pty Ltd​Change of use of existing industrial premises to a vehicle body repair workshop, vehicle repair station and vehicle hire premises.​No​5pm 6 June 2023
​DA-470/2023​Lots 1 & 2 DP 12508, No. 78 & 80A Benaroon Rd, Lakemba​Artmade Architects​Demolition of existing structures and construction of a two storey centre based childcare with basement parking.​No​5pm 6 June 2023
​DA-476/2022​Lot 2 DP 589284, Lot 54 DP 12280, No. 1570-1580 Canterbury Rd, Punchbowl​Chanine Design Pty Limited​Demolition of the existing site structures and the construction of a mixed use development across three towers comprising a total of 58 residential apartments and 2 ground floor commercial tenancies, with basement car parking for 89 vehicles - AMENDED PLANS/INFORMATION showing changes to the proposal by increasing from 2 to 3 towers, changing apartment mix and reduction in parking spaces from 95 to 89.​No​5pm 6 June 2023
​DA-255/2018/A​Lot 49 DP 1031432, Lots A & B DP 352069, Lot 113A DP 307438, Lots 7, 9 & 10 DP 16308, Lot B DP 103679, No. 754-774 Canterbury Road, Belmore​The Trustee for Statewide Planning Trust​APPROVED DEVELOPMENT: Demolition of existing structures and construction of a 5-6 storey residential flat building with fifty-nine (59) units, two basement levels of basement car parking for eighty-one (81) vehicles with landscaping and stormwater works.
PROPOSED MODIFICATION: Amend basement layout and increase in basement floor to ceiling height to accommodate services by reducing the lower basement RL. Upper level modifications include rationalisation of core and services that has resulted from design development and minor modification to the internal layout of units [Section 4.55(8) modification to DA-255/2018 (LEC number 2020/148863) dated 25 May 2021].
​No​5pm 6 June 2023
​DA-893/2020/A​Lot 1 DP 632135, Lot 19 DP 220041, Lot 20 DP 220041, No. 15-19 Enterprise Ave, Padstow​Uma Centre Limited​APPROVED DEVELOPMENT: Alterations and additions to the existing community facility and construction of a mixed-use development including a place of public worship with ancillary facilities, food and drink premises, and basement car parking
PROPOSED MODIFICATIONS: Modifications to the Approved Development to include Eid Festivals [Section 4.55(8)]
Note: This application is subject to a Class 1 Appeal to the Land and Environment Court. Modification lodged directly with the Court
​No​5pm 6 June 2023
​DA-388/2023​Lot 1 DP 649446, No. 14-20 Wiggs Rd, Riverwood​Andy Hong​Demolition of existing sheds and construction of a colorbond warehouse at rear of site.​No​5pm 13 June 2023
​DA-864/2022​Lot 3 DP 173039, Lot 9 DP 13944, Lot 1 DP 829930, No. 110 & 114 Waterloo Rd & 11 Mimosa Rd, Greenacre​Urbis Pty Ltd​Change the use of 11 Mimosa Road and 110 Waterloo Road from residential to educational establishment and the consolidation of both properties (Lot 9 DP 13944 and Lot 3 DP 173039) with Lot 1 DP 829930 at 114 Waterloo Road – AMENDED PLANS/INFORMATION​No​5pm 13 June 2023
​DA-883/2020/A​Lot 56 Sec 1 DP 715, No. 80 Carlingford St, Sefton​Mr Hassan Dandachi​APPROVED DEVELOPMENT: Demolition of existing structures and construction of local distribution premise with associated car parking and offices
PROPOSED MODIFICATIONS: Changes to internal layout at ground and mezzanine levels including extension of mezzanine, change in NE corner of building to accommodate outdoor yard area to provide access to sewer manhole, inclusion of blade walls on either side at front of building for fire separation purposes, changes to garbage store area and basement ramp and basement layout, and inclusion of an internal lift and an external awning and sliding gate [Section 4.55(2)]
​No​5pm 13 June 2023
​DA-163/2018/A​Lots 29, 30 & 31 DP 10105, No. 599, 601 & 603 Canterbury Rd, Belmore​Belmore Property Investment Pty Ltd.​APPROVED DEVELOPMENT: Demolition of the existing buildings and associated structures and the construction of a five storey residential flat building over two levels of basement car parking
PROPOSED MODIFICATION: Internal and external alterations to the approved development including internal layouts, external facade composition, alterations to access ramp, reconfiguration of car parking spaces and storage spaces in basement, amend drainage design, update window and door schedule, and lower basement levels [Section 4.56]
​No​5pm 13 June 2023
​DA-1082/2021​Lot 3 DP 771230, No. 73 Anzac St, Chullora​City Freehold Projects Pty Ltd​Access and parking upgrades to an existing car park + Category 1 remediation works​No​5pm 20 June 2023
​DA-115/2023​at Lots 1 & 2 DP 232015, Lot 1 DP 123142, Lot 1 DP 123141, Lot 1 DP 123140, Lots 61 & 62 DP 4620, Lots 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 DP 20037, Lot A DP 408619, Lot2 26 & 27 DP 5837, Lots A, B & C DP 349588 , No. 2 St Albans Rd, Kingsgrove​NSW Government Schools​The installation of 4 x flood lights on school oval.​No​5pm 20 June 2023
​DA-412/2023​Lot 1 DP 602881, No. 2 Birmingham Ave, Villawood​CSR Building Products Limited​Partial demolition of existing structures and construction of a new building to support the expansion of the existing building product manufacturing facility, associated warehousing and signage.​No​5pm 20 June 2023
​DA-491/2023​Lot 3 DP 200682, No. 115 Dreadnought St, Roselands​Georgia Millisto​Change of use to beauty salon and allow skin penetration beauty treatment.​No​5pm 20 June 2023

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Tender & EOI Notifications

All current tenders and Expression of Interests (EOI) are listed below.

Important Information: Canvassing of Councillors or Council staff will disqualify prospective tenderers.​

Tender  No.

Tender Name


Briefing Details


​T52-23​Security Service for Cash Collection​No​N/A​20 June 2023 at 2:30pm
​T62-23​SAP Support​No​N/A​20 June 2023 at 2:30pm
​T55-23​Crushing of Various Materials and Kelso WMC​Yes​A mandatory site briefing will be held at 10am on 22nd May 2023 at Kelso Waste Management Centre, 217 Bransgrove Road, Panania. All attendees to wear high-vis vest and covered footwear for compulsory on-site briefing.​13 June 2023 at 2:30pm
​T57-23​For the Maintenance of Pool Cleaners, Blankets, reels, Accessibility Hoists and Associated Equipment at Council’s Leisure and Aquatic Centres.​No​N/A​06 June 2023 at 2:30pm

The Electronic tender documents are available free of charge from

If you have any enquiries about current tender or EOI, contact;