Council Notices

Council Notices
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View current public notices via the latest Council Matters below. This information is also published in local newspapers. Council Notices View current public notices via the latest Council Matters below. This information is also published in local newspapers. News Columns; News and Updates
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Development Applications

In accordance with Canterbury-Bankstown Community Participation Plan, the following applications have been placed on public exhibition:

DA No.



Proposed Development​

Designated Development 

Comments Due

​DA-83/2021Lot 1 DP 1206500, No. 214 Milperra Rd, Milperra​Psychcentral Pty Ltd​Use of Unit 10 as a recreational facility (indoor) for children with a disability​No​5pm 20 April 2021​
​DA-790/2020​Lot 17 DP 23954, No. 21 Chamberlain Rd, Padstow​Liskowski ArchitectsDemolition of existing structures and the construction of a two storey child care centre (for 38 children) with basement parking  AMENDED PLANS​No​​5pm 20 April 2021
​DA-159/2021​Lot E DP 441412, No. 97 Rawson Rd, Greenacre​Mr Kevin Hoang​Proposed change of use - remedial massage​No​5pm 20 April 2021
​DA-1187/2017/B​Lot 611 DP 1061469, No. 12 Birmingham Ave, Villawood​Bae Corp Nomineees Pty Limited​APPROVED DEVELOPMENT: Construction of a New Warehouse (Building 2) for Use as a Timber Building Supply Warehouse and Two (2) Storey Office Area with Awning Attached to the Rear of Existing Building 1, and Use of Existing Building 1 as a Beverage Distribution Warehouse and for Timber Building Supplies
PROPOSED MODIFICATION: Reduction in size of approved warehouse at rear of property (Building 2) with associated internal and external alterations [Section 4.55(1A)]
​No5pm 20 April 2021​
​DA-968/2018/A​Lots 20 & 21 DP 19178, No. 2-4 Petty Ave, Yagoona​Mr Charlie Baini​APPROVED DEVELOPMENT: Demolition of existing site structures and the construction of a three storey boarding house development containing 40 rooms (plus manager's room) with basement car parking.
PROPOSED MODIFICATION: Internal layout alterations within the basement, changes to finished floor levels and ceiling heights to accommodate for services and the provision of substation services on the ground floor [Section 4.55(1A)]
​No​5pm 20 April 2021
​DA-843/2020​Lot 1 DP 124898, No. 1445 Canterbury Rd, Punchbowl​Fistum Gebera​Demolition of existing improvements and construction of a new building to be used as a place of public worship with an ancillary priests' residence  AMENDED PLANSNo​​5pm 22 April 2021
​DA-152/2021​Lot 104 DP 1149790, No. 10 Nelson Short St, Potts Hill​Potts Hill Group Pty Ltd C/-Mecone NSW Pty Ltd​Remediation of the site, Construction of a Seniors Living Development comprising of five (5) buildings with a total of 213 dwellings and ancillary uses including a medical centre, café, retail shop, restaurant/lounge, outdoor swimming pool, with communal landscaped areas and basement car-parking
This application, having a Capital Investment Value greater than $30m, will be determined by the Sydney South Planning Panel on behalf of Council
No​​5pm 27 April 2021
​DA-148/2021Lot 3 DP 13429, Lot 1000 DP 1155263, Lot G DP 308769, No. 36–42 Shellcote Rd & 295 Noble Ave, Greenacre​Greenacre Baptist Christian Community School Ltd​Demolition of existing dwelling house at 295 Noble Avenue, and construction of a new two-storey building on the wider school site, carparking and landscaping works. Change of use of No. 295 Noble Avenue from a residential use to an educational establishment use, for carparking and vehicular access via Noble Avenue (in addition to existing vehicular access from Shellcote Road) and new electrical substation​No​5pm 27 April 2021​
​DA-158/2021Lot A DP 384275, No. 285 & 285A Lakemba St, Wiley Park​Expert Solutions (NSW) Pty Ltd​Proposed increase in the number of children at the existing childcare centre from 33 to 43 and alteration to the first floor including additional toilet facilities, extension of deck and replacement of balustrades​No​5pm 27 April 2021​
​DA-162/2021Lot 6 DP 18954, Lot Y DP 399781, No. 43-45 Graham Rd, Narwee​MP Town Planning​Consolidation of two lots into one and construction of a three-storey residential flat building containing 11 apartments with basement car parking​​No5pm 27 April 2021​
​DA-848/2020/A​Lot 101 DP 1181619, No. 313 Chapel Rd, Bankstown​Minh Duy Nguyen​APPROVED DEVELOPMENT: Extension of trading hours of existing karaoke centre and restaurant and allow use of restaurant by public and increase in patron numbers.
PROPOSED MODIFICATION: Extension of operating hours from 5pm opening to 10am opening (Monday to Sunday) [Section 4.55(1A)]
​No​5pm 4 May 2021

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Recent determined development applications

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Canterbury Bankstown Local Planning Panel Meeting

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​Planning Matters

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Tender & EOI Notifications

All current tenders and Expression of Interests (EOI) are listed below.

Important Information: Canvassing of Councillors or Council staff will disqualify prospective tenderers.​

Tender  No.

Tender Name


Briefing Details


T45-21 Streets as Shared Spaces: Micro Rooms Project                                          No   N/A                       6 April 2021                      
​T50-21Corporate Website Development​No​N/A​15 April 2021
​T62-21Information Management Roadmap Delivery Partner​Yes​A mandatory virtual briefing will be held on 1PM, 30 March 2021. Invite to be sent on confirmation of attendance to​15 April 2021
​T54-21​Bankstown Library & Knowledge Centre Lift Replacement​Yes​A mandatory briefing will be held on 2PM, 20 April 2021, at Bankstown Library & Knowledge Centre
Basement carpark level 80 Rickard Road BANKSTOWN
​4 May 2021

​​​​​ The Electronic tender documents are available free of charge from

If you have any enquiries about current tender or EOI, contact;