Council Notices

Council Notices
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Development Applications

In accordance with Canterbury-Bankstown Community Participation Plan, the following applications have been placed on public exhibition:

DA No.



Proposed Development​

Designated Development 

Comments Due

​Lot 3 DP 173039, Lot 9 DP 13944, No. 110 Waterloo Rd & 11 Mimosa Rd, Greenacre
​Urbis Pty Ltd
​Change the use of 11 Mimosa Road and 110 Waterloo Road from residential to educational establishment
​5pm 25 January 2023
​Lots 13 & 14 SP 69969, Units 13 & 14 / 118-122 Canterbury Rd, Hurlstone Park
​Corona Projects Pty Ltd
​Change of use of two premises to a fitness studio (indoor recreation facility) with associated with alterations and additions and signage
​5pm 25 January 2023
​Lot 1 DP 123982, No. 277 Homer St, Earlwood
​KAS Architects Pty Ltd
​Proposed new drive-thru facilities and alteration to existing takeaway/fast food outlet
​5pm 25 January 2023
​Lot 14 DP 30974, No. 59 Orchard Rd, Bass Hill
​Koorana Child & Family Services Ltd
​Partial demolition of the existing dwelling and additions and alterations to create a single storey centre based childcare facility for 40 children with at-grade parking
​5pm 25 January 2023
​Lot 1 Sec 6 DP 2922, Lot 2 Sec 6 DP 2922, No. 165 Beamish St, Campsie
​Minto Planning Services Pty Ltd.
​APPROVED DEVELOPMENT: Regularise unauthorised internal and external building works and installation of sprinkler system for the Oasis Hotel.
PROPOSED MODIFICATION: Amend the approved window design from glass bricks to bifold windows [Section 4.55(1A)]
​5pm 25 January 2023
​Lot 2 DP 316059, No. 118 Rawson Rd, Greenacre
​Rod Zoby Group Pty Ltd
​APPROVED DEVELOPMENT: Retention of Existing Brick Shop and the Construction of a Two Storey Commercial Development to the Rear Comprising a Ground Floor Carpark and First Floor Food Preparation Area in Association with the Use of the Site as a Bakery
PROPOSED MODIFICATIONS: Extend operating hours to 1pm to 9am, delivery hours to 3am to 12am and retail hours to 5am to 10pm of the existing bakery 7 days a week [Section 4.55[(2)]
​5pm 25 January 2023
​DA-1121/2022​Lot A DP 391018, No. 29 Anzac St, Greenacre​Mr Wageeh Ayoubi​Construction of 3 storey industrial warehouse, shop, food and drink premises and office with a basement carpark and lift​No​5pm 7 February 2023
​DA-1169/2022​Lot 23 DP 30974, No. 77 Orchard Rd, Bass Hill​Baini Design Pty Ltd​Demolition of existing structures and construct a two storey Centre-Based Child Care Facility for 52 children and parking for 13 vehicles in a basement level​No​​5pm 7 February 2023
​DA-1179/2022​Lot 59 DP 15882, No. 44 Springfield Rd, Padstow​Helen TaylorUse of existing shed at rear of the site as a Home Business (beauty treatment - waxing)​No​5pm 7 February 2023
​DA-1194/2022​Lot 101 DP 749214, No. 31 Moxon Rd, Punchbowl​Mr Alastair Robb​Demolish an existing industrial building, fill part of the site and construct a new three (3) storey building to accommodate the same use - being a glass window manufacturing business, with associated landscaping, car parking and caretakers unit​No​5pm 7 February 2023
​DA-256/2016/A​Lot 21 DP 3970, Lot 22 DP 3970, No. 349 & 355-357 Beamish St, Campsie​Metrocorp Developments And Construction Pty Ltd.​APPROVED DEVELOPMENT: Construction of a six storey mixed use development containing two ground floor commercial tenancies and 47 residential units above 2 levels of basement car parking.
PROPOSED MODIFICATION: Modify the Court approved development by reducing the total number of units from 47 to 45 (decrease of 2) and amend unit numbering; reduce total gross floor area from 3,763m2 to 3,701m2 (decrease of 62m2); amend the floor heights of levels 2 and above to enable clearance for services and Apartment Design Guide compliant floor to ceiling heights; increase building height by a typical 0.75m (roof line and top of planter box) and by 0.93m at the lift overrun; and delete two car parking spaces (44 and 45) [Section 4.56]
Note: This application is subject to a Class 1 Appeal to the Land and environment Court
​No​5pm 7 February 2023
​DA-938/2021/A​Lot 1020 DP 871836, No. 12 Hume Hwy, Chullora​Charles Farrugia​APPROVED DEVELOPMENT: Alterations and additions to an existing local distribution centre including new waste management area, generator room, diesel room and replace outdoor lunch area
PROPOSED MODIFICATIONS: Relocation of the diesel tank from the upper level to the lower level at the south eastern end of the distribution centre [Section 4.55(1A)] No 5pm 7 February 2023
DA-1099/2022 Lot 22 DP 1212184, Lot 1 DP 229760, No. 512 & 514 Punchbowl Road, Lakemba Hannas Contracting Services Pty Ltd Demolition of existing structures and construction of a 2-storey industrial development with associated signage and landscape works
This application is an Integrated Development and requires approval from Water NSW under the Water Management Act 2000
​No​​5pm 14 February 2023
​DA-1231/2022​Lot 1 DP 586116, Lots 1 & 2 DP 124895, Lots 1 & 2 DP 124894, No. 1586-1606 Canterbury Rd, Punchbowl​Cala Property Group Pty Ltd​Consolidation of five (5) allotments amalgamated into one (1) allotment and demolition of the existing buildings and construction of a two (2) storey industrial development with associated basement parking, mezzanine offices, landscaping and signage.
This application is an Integrated Development and requires approval under the Water Management Act 2000.
​No​5pm 14 February 2023
​DA-1272/2022​Lots 8, 9, 10, 11 & 12 DP 11289, Lot A DP 420721, Lot 2 DP 816386, No. 427-435 Burwood Rd, Belmore​Montessori Academy Group Developments Pty Ltd​Partial demolition, internal and external alterations and use of the former Belmore RSL club for the purpose of a centre-based childcare facility to cater for 112 children.
This application, has a Capital Investment Value greater than $5m, will be determined by the Sydney South Planning Panel on behalf of Council.
​No​5pm 21 February 2023

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​Canterbury Bankstown Local Planning Panel Meeting

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​Planning Matters

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Tender & EOI Notifications

All current tenders and Expression of Interests (EOI) are listed below.

Important Information: Canvassing of Councillors or Council staff will disqualify prospective tenderers.​

Tender  No.

Tender Name


Briefing Details


​T14-23​Thurina Park Community Centre​Yes
​A mandatory site briefing will be held at 10am on 16 December at Level 1, 66-72 Rickard Rd, Bankstown.

2.30pm on 17 February 2023

​T44-23​Paul Keating Park Play​Yes​A non-mandatory online briefing will be held at 12.30pm on 14 December via Microsoft Teams. Refer to T44-23 RFT for more information.​2.30pm on 24 January 2023
​T36-23​Josephine Reserve Playground Upgrade​Yes​A mandatory site briefing will be held at 12pm on 13 December at Josephine Reserve.

2.30pm on 24 January 2023


The Electronic tender documents are available free of charge from

If you have any enquiries about current tender or EOI, contact;