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From artworks to poetry slams and every other creative display imaginable, Bankstown Arts Centre aims to provide something for all. Exhibitions canterbury bankstown From artworks to poetry slams and every other creative display imaginable, Bankstown Arts Centre aims to provide something for all. Arts and Culture; Exhibition; Arts Centre
Photo of artist and exhibition


Exhibitions are a huge part of what makes Bankstown Arts Centre so great! Both established and new artists have displayed their work in many creative forms, from visual art, to poetry and beyond.

Current exhibitions​

Studio 1 gallery

Bar​ambah: Cherbourg 

29 May – 29 June ​2018

Photo of Ceramic sculptures by Bankstown Aboriginal Elders group, photograph by Christopher Woe
Ceramic sculptures by Bankstown Aboriginal Elders group, photograph by Christopher Woe

An exhibition showcasing stories and ceramic works created by local Aboriginal Elders, relating to childhood memories of the Cherbourg Mission in Queensland .

This project is supported through the Australian Government's Indigenous Languages and Arts program.

Join us in celebrating National Sorry Day and the launch of the ​Barambah: Cherbourg Exhibition.

Tuesday 29 May, 10-11.30am
RSVP: By Friday 18 May, at cb.city/artscentreevents

Morning tea will be provided.

Incubate gallery

Inspire: An exhibition of works by Bankstown Arts Centre tutors

3 to 27 April 2018

 Photo of ceramic sculpture by Rhonda Dee
Ceramic sculptures by Rhonda Dee

This exhibition showcases the visual arts practice of Stephanie Peters, Diamando Koutsellis, Rhonda Dee and Seraphina Martin. These are some of the wonderful practitioners who also provide teaching support for Bankstown Arts Centre's visual arts programs.

About the work (above)
This series of works are an attempt to pay closer attention to how it feels to be human in a time of deep uncertainty.  Sculptures openly engage with the macabre, the grotesque, and the idea of death and life through the materiality of clay.  These objects highlight an exchange of possibilities and tensions and bring in to question the perception of self and other.

Permanent Forecourt Installation

Rolling Musical Screech

Rolling Musical Screech 

Credit: Photograph by Christopher Woe

Rolling Musical Screech is a series of printed signs on posts with images of birds and the descriptions of the bird's voices that inhabit the park surrounding the Bankstown Arts Centre. The work uses the ubiquitous road sign form to draw people's attention to local birds and their often unheard songs and voices. The selection of birds – the Magpie, Fig Bird, Ibis, Koel and Indian Myna is a mix of endemic, migratory and introduced species to the area. Bird communities are like human communities targeted, displaced and vulnerable in a rapidly changing urban environment with high-density housing, new transport systems and the removal of trees, parklands and waterways.

Sue Pedley is a mid-career artist who researches place, community, culture and history in relation to materiality through site-specific installation and interdisciplinary practice. Sue has worked with musicians, architects and designers and has been invited to work with urban and rural communities in Australia and Japan. Sue explores ways to reformulate the basic elements of time, light and space and experiments with different materials and their connection to place.


Imagine Wall


Credit: Photograph by Christopher Woe

Synergy of Mankind

December 2017 to June 2018

Growing up today has a lot more challenges than a few decades ago.

Especially in an urban environment, it becomes harder for children to connect to their inner wilder self where imaginary worlds are created and explored. This is mostly due to the lack of nature around them. Extra curriculum and after-school tutoring and video games can also take time away from and unstructured play.

Mandy Schöne-Salter is an interdisciplinary artist working in urban art, photography and community art. She studied photography at the Nepean Arts and Design Centre and participated in an intensive Public Art workshop led by New York Artist Kendal Henry. Since 2013 Mandy has worked on multiple street art projects in Australia and Germany under the synonym MAN.De.

Facebook @mandy.schoenesalter
Instagram @artist_man.de

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