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From artworks to poetry slams and every other creative display imaginable, Bankstown Arts Centre aims to provide something for all. Exhibitions canterbury bankstown From artworks to poetry slams and every other creative display imaginable, Bankstown Arts Centre aims to provide something for all. Exhibition; Arts and Culture; Arts Centre
Photo of artist and exhibition


Exhibitions are a huge part of what makes Bankstown Arts Centre so great! Both established and new artists have displayed their work in many creative forms, from visual art, to poetry and beyond.

Current exhibitions​


Thinking Local 

Photo of mural at the front of the Bankstown Arts Centre


  • Jyiro
  • Basilios Papaioannou
  • Gemma Quilty
  • Felicity Hibble


Thinking Local follows on from the Arts Centre's successful 2017 project Grow: Places for People, where artists explored issues surrounding urban growth and presenting alternative solutions.

The Arts Centre continues to ask artists to examine the importance of our local neighbourhoods and the actions we take within them. Artists were encouraged to look at local spaces and actions, including permaculture and vegetable patches in backyards, community gardens, inclusive public spaces, local stories and significant sites.

How can artists highlight the significance of local actions that have a big impact on our lives? Artist works will explore the concept of Thinking Local in relation to:

  • Canterbury-Bankstown;
  • Their local environment;
  • Community connections;
  • Our environment;
  • Sustainability; and
  • Food usage.

The use of innovative materials, including those that are environmentally sustainable and eco-friendly, was encouraged where possible.​

Incubate gallery

​Felicity Hibble

1 July - 31 July 2018

 Photo of Barbara Barber holding up artwork


For our July Incubate Artist Showcase, the Arts Centre is excitied to have on display the work of Felicity Hibble. Focusing on the intricate and precise art of linocut, Hibble has produced a sophisticated body of work that explores the coalescent relationship between the built environment and the people that populate it. 

On her work, Felicity states "My environment largely comprises of man-made structures for the facilitation of human endeavour. The images convey a desire for control over the (built) environment, all of which will eventually become left behind or repurposed.The situations I depict in my work resonate with me personally as they are based upon my experiences with identity, family and relocating from Regional Australia to Sydney city".

Felicity has completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts from the University of South Australia (2000), a Master of Design at the College of Fine Arts (University of New South Wales, 2009) and now works for TAFE NSW in Sydney.


Permanent Forecourt Installation

Rolling Musical Screech

Rolling Musical Screech 

Credit: Photograph by Christopher Woe

Rolling Musical Screech is a series of printed signs on posts with images of birds and the descriptions of the bird's voices that inhabit the park surrounding the Bankstown Arts Centre. The work uses the ubiquitous road sign form to draw people's attention to local birds and their often unheard songs and voices. The selection of birds – the Magpie, Fig Bird, Ibis, Koel and Indian Myna is a mix of endemic, migratory and introduced species to the area. Bird communities are like human communities targeted, displaced and vulnerable in a rapidly changing urban environment with high-density housing, new transport systems and the removal of trees, parklands and waterways.

Sue Pedley is a mid-career artist who researches place, community, culture and history in relation to materiality through site-specific installation and interdisciplinary practice. Sue has worked with musicians, architects and designers and has been invited to work with urban and rural communities in Australia and Japan. Sue explores ways to reformulate the basic elements of time, light and space and experiments with different materials and their connection to place.


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