Ramadan Nights Lakemba stallholder application form

Ramadan Nights Lakemba stallholder application form Before submitting an application, applicants must pre-register and create an account. Please note this can take up to 3 business days. No Ramadan Nights Lakemba stallholder application form Before submitting an application, applicants must pre-register and create an account. Please note this can take up to 3 business days.  31/12/2020 12:00 AM 31/12/2020 12:00 AM Haldon Street, Lakemba Events; What's On


Before submitting an application, applicants must pre-register and create an account. Please note this can take up to 2 business days.

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Ramadan is a time for prayer and reflection where, during daylight hours, Muslims refrain from food and drink.  Lakemba Town Centre has become the place to go for the best food around to break the fast- Iftar.

The City of Canterbury Bankstown works with local business, NSW Police and Fire and Rescue NSW to develop an approach that supports local business vitality, ensures public safety and protects public infrastructure during the Ramadan festivities.

The Ramadan celebrations will boast a collection of quality food stalls to enjoy Iftar as a community.

The event is expected to be held in Lakemba Town Centre from Thursday 23 April to Saturday 23 May daily from 5pm-3am depending on the moon.  Dates accurate at time of printing. Check for current details.

  • Application opening date: 12:00pm Monday 17th February 2020

  • Application closing date:  11:59pm Sunday 15th March 2020

We cannot guarantee the acceptance of stalls past the closing date.

Ramadan Nights Stallholder Terms and Conditions

Ramadan Nights Stallholder FAQs


In order to apply for the event, you will need to either have a business in the event area, Railway Parade or Haldon Street, or have a Business Owner Consent form completed from a business in the event area giving you permission to operate in front of their shop. These are your only options for becoming a stallholder at the event, no exceptions.

Please check the Stallholder Location Map to see if the address you would like to have a stall in front of is an eligible area.

Council is committed to the revitalisation of our town centres through the support of local business.

Priority for stalls is determined in the following order:

  1. Businesses located on the actual site;

  2. Businesses located within Canterbury-Bankstown;

  3. Businesses that have participated in the event previously and;

  4. Non-local restaurants, cafes or food proprietors;

The selection process will also be reflected upon the cooperation of operators.  We endeavour to have safe and successful events, if a stallholder is discouraging that process, we will reconsider your suitability to participate in future events.

Please note:  Permission may be withdrawn at any time during Ramadan if operators do not comply with the conditions of the approvals as stated in the form or if they do not follow reasonable directions of council.  Penalties may apply.

Stall Information

Businesses/persons can apply to operate a street stall at the front of their business for the duration of Ramadan.

​Footway Displays - stalls located south of Lakemba railway line. (Haldon Street)      


​Footway Displays –  stalls located north of Lakemba railway line (Railway Parade)


​Footway Displays - Cleaning Deposit



  • One stall space is 3m x 1m. Lines will be marked at each approved stall location.  Stalls must operate within the marked area at all times.

  • Please review map to check eligibility to have a stall at requested store. If you have any questions please contact 02 9707 9227

  • An existing business can apply to operate a street stall at the front of their business for the duration of Ramadan

  • If you do not own the business that you wish to operate a stall outside of, you must seek permission from the business owner to trade outside the premises for the duration of Ramadan. The stall holder will need to obtain consent from the business owner by having the business owner to complete and sign the Business owner consent form. Such consent must include consent to use the business owner's bins.  The stall holder will also need to complete the Stall holder applicant details.

  • Businesses may obtain more than one stall, subject to council approval and stall availability.  Securing business owner consent and paying additional fees are required for each additional stall.

  • To ensure that Ramadan celebrations can continue safely in Lakemba, it is essential that all stall holders are approved and have a valid permit.  Stall holders who set up without a valid permit in any vacant space may be issued a fine and asked to cease trade.

  • Set up from 4pm and trade each day from 5pm until 3am for the duration of the event.

  • No trading is allowed prior to 5pm through the period.  Please be advised if early trade occurs this may result in the closure of your stall or the issuing of fines.

  • A clear walkway must be obtained at all times. Existing merchandise stands will not be allowed to be displayed outside your business during the hours of 5pm – 3am where a stall will be set up.

  • If the applicant/applicant's business has been the subject of any enforcement action by council within 6 months prior to the event, they are deemed ineligible to apply for a stall at the event.



Before you proceed

Before proceeding with the application, please ensure you have the following documents saved as a pdf and ready to upload and a Visa or Mastercard for payment. There is a 0.41% non-refundable credit card surcharge.

Please attach the following documentation to complete your application.

Public Liability Insurance
Public Liability Insurance must be in the name of the applicant and for a minimum of $20 million with City of Canterbury Bankstown listed as an interested party on the policy.

Business Owner Approval
To be completed only if you are NOT the business owner of the business located at the address where you will be holding your stall.

Current Food Safety Supervisor Certificate
Please attach a copy of the stallholder's current food safety supervisor certificate.  This certificate must also be displayed at the stall during the event.

Register for Mandatory Ramadan Food Handling Information Session
All stallholders are required to attend a FREE Ramadan Food Handling Information Session. Please register prior to completing the application. There are limited spaces for each of the evenings, so get in early to ensure you are able to attend your preferred evening.