Mesopotamian Night

Mesopotamian Night Sunday 3 February, 2019 - Mesopotamian Night Concert was established in Modesto California, in 2007 by the Central Vally chapter of the Assyrian Aid Society of America. No Mesopotamian Night Sunday 3 February, 2019 - Mesopotamian Night Concert was established in Modesto California, in 2007 by the Central Vally chapter of the Assyrian Aid Society of America. 3/02/2019 5:00 PM 3/02/2019 8:00 PM Bryan Brown Theatre & Function Centre Events; What's On
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​Sunday 3 February, 2019

Assyrian Aid Society Australia
Presents Mesopotamian Night​

Andrey Mikhailov, Lolita Emmanuel, Charles Tooma,
Babkey Issac, Ninos David, Randa Yaqoub​​
Assyrian Aid Society Australia​

About - Mesopotamia Night
Mesopotamian Night Concert was established in Modesto California, in 2007 by the Central Vally chapter of the Assyrian Aid Society of America. The mission of Mesopotamian night concert is to celebrate the Assyrian arts, promote the rich Assyrian culture and to preserve the legacy of Assyrians in the homeland for future generations.
Assyrian Aid Society Australia has the privilege to adopt replica of the Mesopotamian Night Concert. Join us for the 1st annual Mesopotamian Night Concert in Sydney at Bryan Brown theatre & Function Centre 80 Rickard Road Bankstown. This special night will highlight the spectacular musical & dancing talents from local and international Assyrian performances.
About - Assyrian Aid Society Australia (AAS-Au)
AAS Auis a charitable organization established in 1999, and since its inception, AAS Au members are voluntarily committed to raising funds with the generosity of the community in Australia benefitting the Assyrians in Bet-Nahrain. These contributions will ensure they sustain their self-sufficiency through creation and development of businesses, educational institutions, health, agricultural industries and social infrastructure. One hundred percent (100%) of all net proceeds are directed to Assyrian Aid Society Iraq for completion of much-needed projects in homeland Bet-Nahrain. Donations to AAS-Au are fully tax deductible.


  • EVENT DATE: Sunday 3 February 2019
  • EVENT TIMES: 5pm start
  • TICKETS: $80 ​
  • DRESS CODE: Formal wear
Andrey Mikhailov - Tenor 
​Andrey Mikhailov - Tenor
Andrey Mikhailov is a Russian born Assyrian. In 2010, Andrey entered the vocal department of the State Musical Pedagogical Institute in Moscow Russia. Also in 2010, he competed in the Russian romance performance ‘Romansiada Without Borders’ in Moscow and received a diploma. In 2014, he competed in the independent international opera competition M. Yareshko in Moscow and won a Laureate. In 2017, he was the winner of a ‘Professional Singing’ award in the XVI Moscow festival of Russian romance ‘Lilac Branch’. Also in 2017, he won a Laureate award competing in the 18th International romance competition "Romance Voice" in Kinishma Russia. In April 2017, he visited Wiesbaden Germany and took part in the celebration of ‘Kha b' Nissan’ Assyrian New Year, followed by his first solo concert in Moscow and also participated in the annual Assyrian festival "Khubba" in Urmia Russia. Andrey is currently a student in the vocal faculty of the Institute of Contemporary Arts specialising in ‘Academic Singing’.
Lolita Emmanuel - Solo Pianist
Lolita Emmanuel - Solo Pianist
Lolita Emmanuel is an Assyrian musician from Sydney, Australia. She entered the Sydney Conservatorium of Music at the age of 17, majoring in Classical Piano. In the same year, Lolita performed solo at the Sydney Opera House. Alongside competing in various eisteddfods and performing in weekly concerts at the Art Gallery of NSW, Lolita also sings, drawing influence from her favorite R&B and Soul vocalists. From 2016-2017, Lolita toured Australia as a band member with slam poet and rapper Luka Lesson. In collaboration with Lesson, she translated and performed his lyrics in Assyrian, introducing her heritage to audiences all around Australia. In 2017 she performed with Luka Lesson at “Splendour in the Grass,” a popular Australian music festival. In early 2019, Lolita will complete her music studies with an Honours degree. An aspiring feminist ethnomusicologist, her thesis will study the influence of Assyrian wedding music on Young Assyrian Women in the Sydney diaspora.
Charles Tooma - Pop artist
Charles Tooma - Pop artist
Charles Tooma - music was one of Charles's passion from a young age practicing at family gatherings and social events. In 1981, he joined a band as a vocalist performing at Assyrian events.  In 1988, he released hisfirst album ’Akh Atour’ and, after taking a long break from his musical career, released four additional albums. Whilst he has traveled and performed extensively around the globe, Charles is yet to fulfill his dream to perform in homeland Bet Nahrain, Iraq.
Ninos David - Pop artist Ninos David - Pop artist
Ninos David started his singing career at the age of 12 years old in Wellington New Zealand. After moving to Australia, Ninos released his first album '"Hawar Alan' in 2000. He released his second album  'Ana Yan Aten'  in 2003  and  his third album "The Beginning' in 2005. In 2005, Ninos returned to his homeland 'Bet Nahrain' to fulfill his lifelong dream of performing at the ancient Akito Festival. Since then he has successfully released two albums, 'Reality' in 2010 and recently ‘Forbidden Love’ in 2017.
Randa Yaqoub - Pop artist 
Randa Yaqoub - Pop artist
Randa Yaqoub had a passion for singing from a very young age. Her desire to sing grew all the more when she joined the local church choir at the age of 10. Randa's willingness to ​sing infatuated her family and friends, and at the age of 23 she began her professional musical career. At the age of 27, Randa joined the ‘Nagm Al-Khalig’ Arab musical talent show in Lebanon. She reached the Top 7, which was a significant milestone. In 2012, Randa released her first album ‘Bayan gat Hoya’ and the Volume 2 album was released in 2015. In addition, Randa has released many singles including ‘Basa Yala’ and has performed in various countries including the United States, Canada, France, Sweden, New Zealand and Iraq.
Babkey Issac - Pop artist 
Babkey Issac - Pop artist
Bubkey Isaac - started singing in New Zealand at the age of 13. After moving to Sydney at the age of 17 years, he released his first album 'Qeetary' in 2009 which was an eight-track compilation of Assyrian songs written by Mr Albert Orahim and music producer / mentor Mr Evan Yako at Real Rhythm Studio. He has recently re- leased several single songs including 'Hatkhela Maree' written by Assyrian poet Orahim Lazar, 'Darsa D'khoba' written by Jaklin Pityou, 'Tarpa D'elana' and ‘Bet Hawin Qatakh' written by Yosip Menashi.
  • Music Director: Mr Rennie Daniel
  • Performance by Assyrian Star Dance Group


Bryan Brown Theatre & Function Centre
80 Rickard Road
Bankstown (corner of Rickard and Chapel Roads)​
​​ ​​