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Keep Connected at CBTV

Keep Connected at CBTV
Introducing Keep Connected, the new online network for all your workouts, storytimes, how-tos, performances and news.​​ Keep Connected at CBTV Introducing Keep Connected, the new online network for all your workouts, storytimes, how-tos, performances and news.​​

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 ​ 23 - 29 NOVEMBER PROGRAM​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

a man looking down the camera

SENIORS – Taking Photos With Your Smart Phone
Mon 23 | 12pm
Learn the secret to taking great photos with your Smart Phone. 
a pirate throwing his heads backPIRATE SCHOOL – Upper-Middle Management
Mon 23 | 5.30pm
The Captain share what life’s like when you’re in charge of a bunch of perpetually plundering pirates.

  a puppet between red curtains

HORIZON THEATRE present Kids Nursery Rhymes
Tue 24 | 10am
Sing along to your favourite nursery rhymes with Horizon Theatre. 
a woman looking down the cameraCAREERS+ Stand Out with a Seek Profile
Tue 24 | 12pm
The team from Seek offer some tips for landing that job.
a woman talking to the screenBANKSTOWN BIENNALE – Bonita Ely
Tue 24 | 5.30pm
Bonita Ely takes a journey down the Cooks River in her submission to Bankstown Biennale.
a black and white picture of a guitarCULTURE – 5-minutes song writing school
Tue 24 | 8pm
Have you got the music in you? Learn how to put your ideas to song in our short workshop.
a puppet looking into a mirrorHORIZON THEATRE present Return of the Rona
Wed 25 | 10am
The dreaded Rona is back! Can Judy n Punch outsmart their foe a second time?

a woman talking to the camera

CAREERS+ Dress for Success
Wed 25 | 12pm
Learn how to put together a fool-proof job interview outfit.
a woman and man on stageHORIZON THEATRE present Punch n Judy Live
Wed 25 | 5.30pm
Join the Horizon Theatre team LIVE with Punch n Judy. 
a woman with a guitar, singing.MUSIC & MOVEMENT with Little Feet Music
Thu 26 | 11am
Sing and dance along to this fun and active program for children aged six months - five years. 
hands crafting clayBANKSTOWN BIENNALE – Selina Springett and Alessandro Berini
Thu 26 | 5.30pm
Playfully transformed the Incubate Artists Studios by planting and growing seedlings at Bankstown Biennale.
sepia toned image of people infront of a houseFLASH BACK FRIDAY – Family Fotos
Fri 27 | 12pm
Browse through these family photos from 1863-1950.
a man with a lion puppetART & CULTURE – CJ's Musical Puppet Show
Fri 27 | 5.30pm
Sing, dance and laugh along with CJ’s Musical Puppets.
two large puppets on stageHORIZON THEATRE presents Puppets Got Talent
Sat 28 | 11am
These puppets have talents you wouldn’t believe!
a man with a guitar singingCBTV presents Mitch Grainger
Sat 28 | 8pm
Mitch Grainger infuses the blues genre's traditional stylings with his own unique confidence, and depth of spirit.
a woman on stage actingHORIZON THEATRE presents My Alien Adventure
Sun 29 | 4pm
Get carried away with the Horizon Theatre puppets on this fun alien adventure. 
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