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Keep Connected at CBTV

Keep Connected at CBTV
Introducing Keep Connected, the new online network for all your workouts, storytimes, how-tos, performances and news.​​ Keep Connected at CBTV Introducing Keep Connected, the new online network for all your workouts, storytimes, how-tos, performances and news.​​

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Sing-along Sea Shanties with The Grubby Urchins
Inspire your inner sailor, and learn to sing sea shanties from the golden age of seafaring with The Grubby Urchins

Make an Origami Butterfly
Follow along as we make a fun origami butterfly.
CBTV presents Taylor B-W
Sydney-born Kiwi singer-songwriter, Taylor B-W, blends soul-driven pop melodies with emotive lyrics in an electronic R&B shell. 
Active Mornings - Cardio
Let’s burn off last night's chocolate cake in this cardio workout with PT Paul.

a man looking down the camera

SENIORS – Taking Photos With Your Smart Phone
Learn the secret to taking great photos with your Smart Phone. 
a pirate throwing his heads back PIRATE SCHOOL – Upper-Middle Management
The Captain share what life’s like when you’re in charge of a bunch of perpetually plundering pirates.

  a puppet between red curtains

HORIZON THEATRE present Kids Nursery Rhymes
Sing along to your favourite nursery rhymes with Horizon Theatre. 
a woman looking down the camera CAREERS+ Stand Out with a Seek Profile
The team from Seek offer some tips for landing that job.
a woman talking to the screen BANKSTOWN BIENNALE – Bonita Ely
Bonita Ely takes a journey down the Cooks River in her submission to Bankstown Biennale.
a black and white picture of a guitar CULTURE – 5-minutes song writing school
Have you got the music in you? Learn how to put your ideas to song in our short workshop.
a puppet looking into a mirror HORIZON THEATRE present Return of the Rona
The dreaded Rona is back! Can Judy n Punch outsmart their foe a second time?

a woman talking to the camera

CAREERS+ Dress for Success
Learn how to put together a fool-proof job interview outfit.
a woman and man on stage HORIZON THEATRE present Punch n Judy Live
Join the Horizon Theatre team LIVE with Punch n Judy. 
a woman with a guitar, singing. MUSIC & MOVEMENT with Little Feet Music
Sing and dance along to this fun and active program for children aged six months - five years. 
hands crafting clayBANKSTOWN BIENNALE – Selina Springett and Alessandro Berini
Playfully transformed the Incubate Artists Studios by planting and growing seedlings at Bankstown Biennale.
sepia toned image of people infront of a house FLASH BACK FRIDAY – Family Fotos
Browse through these family photos from 1863-1950.
a man with a lion puppet ART & CULTURE – CJ's Musical Puppet Show
Sing, dance and laugh along with CJ’s Musical Puppets.
two large puppets on stageHORIZON THEATRE presents Puppets Got Talent
These puppets have talents you wouldn’t believe!
a man with a guitar singingCBTV presents Mitch Grainger
Mitch Grainger infuses the blues genre's traditional stylings with his own unique confidence, and depth of spirit.
a woman on stage actingHORIZON THEATRE presents My Alien Adventure
Get carried away with the Horizon Theatre puppets on this fun alien adventure. 
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