Save energy and money at home

Save energy and money at home
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The actions, behaviours and choices that we make in our everyday lives can have a significant impact on our natural environment. Save Energy Money Home canterbury bankstown The actions, behaviours and choices that we make in our everyday lives can have a significant impact on our natural environment.  
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​​You can save money and help protect our environment by making a few changes at home. Simple actions like turning off your appliances at the wall can reduce standby energy usage by more than 10%. 

Simple tips for saving energy​

  • Install efficient lighting and turn lights off when not needed.
  • Reduce shower times and install a low-flow shower head.
  • Set central heating to between 18°C and 21°C.
  • Where possible use fans rather than air conditioners and set your air conditioner to between 23°C and 26°C.
  • Use cold water where possible.​

Our website has pages on recycling, food waste, energy smart building design, current Government rebates and more.


​​In Australia 90 per cent of electricity is generated by burning fossil fuels, mainly coal. This contributes to the greenhouse gases that warm our planet. By choosing GreenPower you can help change this.

GreenPower is a national accreditation program that monitors renewable energy products offered by suppliers. It sets stringent environmental and reporting standards for renewable energy products that ensures your energy supplier is purchasing renewable energy on your behalf. 

Whilst it costs a little more, you are creating a cleaner, greener world by supporting the growth of the renewable energy industry and reducing the impact of climate change.​

Here's a list of the current government rebates to help you live sustainably. There are many other funding opportunities for environmental projects, and even some for community groups. To find out more visit Find Green Money.

Government Rebates

NSW Government Rebates​

Appliance replacement offer - Eligible NSW residents can get a discount on new energy efficient fridges and TVs when they replace old inefficient models. New appliances can cut your energy bills, improve your household and family living costs and help protect our environment. Click here for more information and to apply online.

For more information on support for households, schools and community groups contact NSW Office of Environment and Heritage. ​

There are also a number of programs that offer practical assistance and financial rebates for businesses.

Australian Government Rebates

The Australian Government has a number of programs and initiatives to support householders, industry and the community to save energy and reduce emissions. For more information about grants contact the Department of Environment and Energy.  ​

Rebates for installing solar panels​

If you install solar photovoltaic (PV) panels or solar hot water system at home or at your business, you may be eligible for a rebate or a discount on your system. For more information, go to the Clean Energy Regulator​ website.

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