Roads and stormwater

Roads and stormwater
The road network provides the primary means of collecting stormwater run-off and drainage is handled by Council. Roads Stormwater canterbury bankstown The road network provides the primary means of collecting stormwater run-off, and drainage is handled by Council as a means of minimising danger and flooding.  


Council's City Works Division is responsible for the inspection, maintenance and cleaning of the city's stormwater piping and infrastructure. This responsibility includes stormwater pits.​

Although stormwater drainage systems follow the land contour throughout the City, the road network provides the primary means of collecting stormwater run-off. 

Whilst it is not economically feasible to cater to the largest storms, Council's drainage system is aimed at minimising flooding and maintaining a high level of safe road conditions during storm events.

The system of gully pits and pipes conveys "normal" rainfall run-off away to the receiving rivers and provides for the disposal of stormwater from private properties. New connections to kerb and gutter or Council stormwater drains requires a Work Permit approval. 

Drainage and your property

If you notice water is accumulating in the gutter or causing roadway flooding due to a blockage or restriction within the stormwater drainage system, or you see issues with Council pipes and pits in private property, you should report this.

The exceptions are inter-allotment or common drainage lines that collect stormwater run-off from downpipes, usually from a number of houses, before connecting into a Council pit or pipeline. These lines are owned and are the collective responsibility of the property owners, not us.​

As a resident of Canterbury-Bankstown, it is your responsibility to ensure the stormwater drainage infrastructure within your property is maintained. This means ​stormwater drainage from your property is your responsibility right up until it reaches a point of connection with Council's drainage infrastructure, including if your property's stormwater drains to the roadside kerb.

We can provide you with advice regarding the legal point of discharge from a property. The legal point of discharge is the point at which your stormwater drainage system discharges into Council's drainage infrastructure. Every property has one! You can also request a new roof-water outlet.​


For more information, or you'd like to report something or make a request, contact Council's ​ City Works Division ​on 9707 9000.