Canterbury-Bankstown DCP Waste Management

Canterbury-Bankstown DCP Waste Management
Canterbury-Bankstown DCP Waste Management  
Council adopted the Consolidated Canterbury-Bankstown Development Control Plan (DCP) at the Council Meeting on 25 May 2021.
The Waste Chapter (Chapter 3.3) is based on best practice and ensures that developments implement easy to use and functional waste management systems that benefit residents and are fully integrated with Council’s standard waste servicing system. Development Applications (DA) are strongly encouraged to apply these controls and objectives to their application. 
The Waste Design in New Development Guides and Waste Management Plan templates support Chapter 3.3.
Waste Management Plan – Demolition and Construction – all Development Applications are to complete this Plan.  The Plan will assist you in identifying the type(s) of demolition and construction waste that will be generated and will inform Council on how you intend to reuse, recycle or dispose of this waste.

The Waste Design for New Development Guides  and Waste Management Plan templates are based on development types:
Single Dwellings – applies to residential development comprising single dwellings, secondary dwellings, granny flats, semi-detached and attached dwellings and dual occupancies.
Multi Dwelling Housing – applies to residential development comprising villas, townhouses and manor houses.
Residential Flat Buildings - applies to residential development comprising units and apartments.
Boarding Houses – applies to boarding houses, build-to-rent housing, co-living and student housing.
Mixed-Use Development – applies to development that contains residential dwellings and commercial businesses within a building.
Commercial and Industrial – applies to commercial (including retail) and industrial development. It also applies to change of use development applications.

Applications that are designed to meet the requirements of Chapter 3.3 and the applicable Waste Design for New Developments Guide should have a shorter processing time and require less revisions.
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