Our Brand Story

Our Brand Story

​​​It’s not every day you get to stop and think about what defines you as a place and community – we know we are multiculturally diverse, and that’s very important, but what really defines us and sets us apart from other areas? 

When the opportunity came to find that out, with the creation of the City of Canterbury Bankstown, we wanted to get it right. 

We set out to involve the community from the outset so the outcome would be something everyone could own and be proud of. We also wanted to understand what people outside Canterbury-Bankstown think of us, so we can attract them to our many businesses, places and activities, and help grow our local economy. 

We asked more than 2,000 people to help us create our City’s new brand – 227 took part in workshops, discussions and interviews. This included residents, local community groups, businesses, sporting organisations and special interest groups. A further 606 residents responded to a telephone survey, while 459 Sydneysiders from outside Canterbury-Bankstown, took part in in-depth focus groups and online surveys, which helped us understand perceptions about the area. 

Our online survey invited everyone from the local area to take part and drew 963 responses and this is what we heard: 

  • ​We are proud of our diversity and what comes from it – it’s unique and makes for authentic experiences; 
  • We are unapologetic about who we are and want to project a stronger sense of confidence; and 
  • We want to move from a ‘drive through’ to a ‘drive to’ destination. 

Market research with Sydneysiders showed some people don’t visit Canterbury-Bankstown because they think there’s not much to do here. Well, that’s about to change! 

Our new City brand is about sharing what makes us special. It’s much more than just a logo, it’s a whole new destination marketing approach for everyone to join in, including residents, businesses, community groups, cultural institutions, sporting groups and visitors. It’s based on the idea “Where Interesting Happens” and will allow us to promote our fascinating stories, unique experiences and much more. 

You will soon start noticing the new brand appearing in Canterbury-Bankstown and keep a look out for lots of upcoming opportunities to take part in, including events, experiences and partnerships.​​