Community safety & crime prevention

Community safety & crime prevention
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Council has various measures in place to ensure everyone in the community is well cared for. Community Safety Crime Prevention We have plenty of measures in place to ensure that everyone in the community is well cared for. Crime inevitably occurs across Australia, but we actively strive to eliminate as much as we can. Safety; Community Safety
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What is crime prevention?

Crime prevention refers to strategies and initiatives that are developed and implemented by individuals, communities and all levels of Gov​​ernment, to reduce criminal and anti-social behaviour. We take these very seriously to keep our community safe.

City of Canterbury Bankstown has a long-standing commitment to reducing crime and as a result, increasing community safety for our residents. We want you all to feel safe in the area where you live, work and study.

As part of our commitment to improve and maintain safety for our residents, we have two Community Safety and Crime Prevention Plans:

Bankstown Community Safety and Crime Prevention Plan 2014-2017​; and 

Canterbury Community Safety and Crime Prevention Plan 2016-2019​.

 These Plans will guide our community safety and crime prevention initiatives here at Council.​ 

Community safety and crime prevention programs

We have two main community safety goals:

  • Take action to prevent or reduce the incidence of crime; and 
  • Prevent and reduce fear of crime.

To achieve our community safety goals, we focus on programs that address the needs of the whole community. Some of our community safety programs include:


For more information about these programs, please click ​the relevant links or contact Council's Community Sa​fety and Crime Prevention Officer on 9707 9471​.​