Graffiti is illegal, involving unauthorised marking of property. Click to see what you can do if you see graffiti near your home. Graffiti Graffiti is illegal, involving unauthorised marking of property. It has a negative impact on the community, detracting from the appearance of neighbourhoods and making them look unsafe. Community Safety; Community Safety and Crime Prevention; Graffiti; Safety
Graffiti removal


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​Graffiti involves the unauthorised marking of public and/or private property. It may have a negative impact on the community, detracting from the positive appearance and appeal of neighbourhoods. It can also make an area appear and feel unsafe.

Persons who engage in graffiti 'tagging' do so in a range of public and private spaces. Their 'tags' are usually in places for long periods of time. In order to address this issue, Council's Cleaning Team can remove graffiti from public places and assist residents with the removal of graffiti from private property. Our dedicated graffiti removal team removes 600 instances of graffiti each year on parks, public spaces, and privately owned property.

For more information about Council's free graffiti removal service, contact the Coordinator Cleaning on 9707 9592.

What do I do if I see someone vandalising property?

It is important to record graffiti. You can do this by photographing the incident and reporting it to the Police. This information assists Police in identifying tags and prosecuting offenders.

If you see someone engaging in graffiti, please report it immediately to:

  • Police Assistance Line - 13 14 44
  • Crime Stoppers - 1800 333 00 (anonymous)

To report graffiti on Council owned public land (including a Council building, bus shelter, park or car park):

To report graffiti on state owned property, please use the guide below:

  • Australia Post - 13 13 18
  • Energy Australia - 13 15 35
  • Sydney Trains - 1300 038 500
  • Roads and Maritime Services - 13 17 82
  • Sydney Water - 13 20 92
  • Telstra - 13 22 03

Graffiti Education

Warner Youth Education has been contracted by Council to deliver graffiti education programs in local primary and high schools. Schools for the delivery of the program are selected based on the graffiti hotspots across the City.

For more information about this graffiti education program, contact Council's Community Safety and Crime Prevention Officers, 

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