Student resources

Student resources
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The libraries provided by City of Canterbury Bankstown are ideal for students. Read about what you can access. Student Resources canterbury bankstown The libraries provided by City of Canterbury Bankstown Council are ideal for students. They house plenty of materials and spaces useful for research at all stages of education.  




HSC Study Space Study SpaceStudents will have FREE access to food, tutoring, online databases, and health and wellbeing advice.
Student resources resourcesOur libraries provide information and services for students of all ages. Read about what Council offers here.
Homework help helpIf you are a Year 3 to 12 student and would like some real-life help and advice, the Homework Assistance Program is here to help.
Study resource links resource linksWe have sourced a range of links that will be useful to you in your studies at a range of different stages.
Studying from home from homeHop on our e-resources website to access a huge range of library services to help students study from home.