Read and Sing Online

Read and Sing Online
Large teddy bear on a screen reading to other toys
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Screen showing large teddy bear reading to other toys

​Read and Sing

Join our fun librarians for our new online live singing and storytelling sessions!

Discover our word of the day, and learn new songs and different stories each week.

Sessions will last around 20 minutes and are designed for 1-5 year olds. Bookings are essential to receive an invitation to the online sessions.

When: Every Wednesday and Thursday

Time: 10.30am

Read and Sing in Many Languages

Each week we'll Read and Sing in English and different languages, such as Vietnamese, Arabic, Polish and more.

Join our librarians live online to discover new words, and learn new songs and stories.

Book today to get your online invite to our sessions.

When: Every Tuesday

Time: 11am

Book here or call 9707 9856.