New Challengers Evening

Grup of men playing chess in Campsie Library
People playing video games at Campsie Library

Welcome to Wolf's Den!

Remember the fun of chess in the park, games at the local arcades or family board games at Nan's kitchen table?
Recapture the fun at Wolf's Den in Campsie Library on Friday evenings. From 5:30-7:30, we'll be playing the games you love, with a different game featured each week.
​First week of the month​Street Fighter/Capcom Fighters
​Second week of the month​Chess
​Third week of the month​King of Fighters/SNK Fighters
​Fourth week of the month​Go/Igo/Baduk/Wei-chi
Wolf's Den is open to adults,  whatever your skill level. Get out of the house, meet some people and have fun! There's no pressure and no prizes, it's all social and for the love of the game. We recommend wearing masks and we will be practicing social distancing which limits the number of people that can attend. Call us on 9789 9405 to book if you are concerned about getting a spot.
You are welcome to bring your own set-up (controllers, game consoles etc.), but only standard non-modified games are permitted (sorry, no space chess, SF2 rainbow edition, or KOF vs Jackie Chan) and please  ask before-hand, so we can arrange to accommodate your console/set-up.