Social planning

Social planning
Social planning takes place in three key stages; a needs assessment, policy development, and planning and policy implementation. Social Planning canterbury bankstown Social planning takes place in three key stages; a needs assessment, policy development, and planning and policy implementation.  

Social Planning Workshops Overview

These workshops provide the community service sector an opportunity to network as well as share trends, issues and opportunities they see in the community. Outcomes from these workshops help shape the broad strategies, objectives and actions in Council policies and plans. They also set the priorities for the community grant program and guide the work of the sector networks.  

Social Planning 2022

The Canterbury Bankstown 2022 Social Planning Workshops were held online over two days, 23-24 February 2022. 

The event commenced with an "Introduction Session - Community Development Update", that included a Welcome to Country from Aunty Lyn Martin,  an address from Mayor Khal Asfour and reflective points from the 2021 Social Planning Workshops. The 2021 Social Planning priorities enabled Council to fund 91 projects for over $507k.

Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic and Vaccine Roll Out was also highlighted as an issue in majority of the 2021 Social Planning workshops. As a response: 

  • Council provided $100,000 to establish the Mayoral COVID Donations, which saw 13 projects funded, and the COVID Relief Grants Program funded 63 projects for over $252K;
  • Council established the Emergency Relief Network, in collaboration with Oz Harvest and local services; and
  • Council established a Food Hamper Hub that provided over 14,000 hampers and fresh produced to community, which equated to over 900 tons of food. 

Council advised that the administration of the Canterbury-Bankstown Volunteer Cloud has recently been handed back from Chester Hill Neighbourhood Centre who managed it for the last few years.  

From there, a series of eight one-hour workshops were held with attendee's attending one or more session. In each workshop there was an opportunity for discussions about current issues and opportunities. The outcomes from these workshops also help set the priorities for the community grant program. Click here to view 2022 Social Planning Priorities.

Despite being online, 96% people strongly agreed or agreed, that attending Social Planning achieved their purpose of attending. In 2023, we hope to return to face to face to enhance networking opportunities.

Thank you to all those who attended, your input was greatly valued. 

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Social Planning Process

Our social planning process at Council consists of three related activities:

1. Need Assessment

This includes the production of Demographic and Social Profiles and the regular provision of reports and information on emerging needs and opportunities.

2. Policy Development

Our social policy documents outline our objectives and broad strategies in each of the following policy areas: Aged, Youth, Disability, Multiculturalism and Community Development. The Branch also reports to Council on emerging issues and drafts policy advice on specific matters of concern to the community and Council. New policy areas are also developed in emerging areas like community protection and community information.

3. ​Planning and Policy Implementation

Strategic plans are developed and implemented in consultation with Community Reference groups to enhance program performance and ensure the relevance of strategies to the community. Community Development staff also support community and corporate programs which impact on our social policy objectives, for example ​Community management, the Community Grants and Event Sponsorship Program and social impact assessment.